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3 min readAug 13, 2022

Introducing: The Hoot Project

With CC0 summer in full swing being led by Proof’s Moonbirds, we present The Hoot Project: https://hootproject.com

Hoot is a fully on-chain collection inspired by the novel Loot Project. Each NFT’s attributes and metadata correspond to the Moonbird with the same ID, resulting in a collection of exactly 10,000 tokens.

You DO NOT have to be a Moonbirds holder to participate in the free mint. Anyone can mint a maximum of 2 tokens per wallet.

How it works:

The mint process, or the game as we like to think of it, is almost identical to Loot’s from a year ago…with the added benefit of a front end UI. ;)

  1. Input a token ID.
  2. Check the token ID is available.
  3. If available, that token is eligible to be minted for free.


For Moonbird #5291, the corresponding Hoot NFT with the same token ID is the middle image below. The two can be combined to create a profile pic on our website.

The SoulBound Twist

We’re sure you’ll ‘Digg’ this feature.

One week after mint, Moonbird holders who collect their corresponding matching Hoot will have the option to permanently lock their Hoot NFT too their Moonbird for ever. If your Moonbird is transferred to a new wallet, your Hoot NFT will always travel with it.

This optional process will be done via our website at https://hootproject.com/soulbound.

If you are a long term holder, this could one day be an awesome attachment to your birb.

Completely On-chain

This project is fully on-chain: no IPFS was used in the creation of these NFTs.

After calculating the upload costs to deploy the MoonBirds metadata on-chain, the estimates were exorbitant.

Rather than resorting to IPFS, we developed a new, innovative way to fund on-chain art through a decentralized minting process. Using Merkle trees, we added a root hash to the smart contract allowing for minters to upload the metadata and only pay an additional ~0.001eth (@ 13 gwei) at mint.

With Zero-Knowledge-Proofs, we can ensure that the minter uploads the correct metadata for that unique Moonbird token ID when minting.

We hope that this on-chain project empowers other web3 builders to develop within the evolving Moonbirds community and the entire CC0 landscape as a whole.

Hoot Dev