Living in an age that is re-embracing mass shaming

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This never really goes away…

The sweet, but naive, view of history clings to the rainbows-and-puppies hope of moral arcs bending and of people getting better and better and better. Somehow, we tell ourselves, we’ve evolved beyond the innate evil that lies deep within each human heart and history has only one direction: forward. The Salem witch trials were just nightmarish lore of a darker past. Puritanical stocks and taunts were just temporary blemishes on our otherwise bright and shining march into the sunlight of progress.

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Hester Prynne, bearing both the Scarlet Letter and her babe, stands downcast before the stocks

Yet, if the twenty-first century internet has taught us anything, it is that mass shaming never really went away with the stocks, it just vanished underground and bade its time until now, with the right technology, it can gush forth like Old Faithful. …


Joe Hootman

Diving into oceans of data to discover pearls that help you make wiser decisions. Predictive data analyst, machine learner, data engineer. Disciple in Austin.

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