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We. Track. Beer.

Hopdrops is an application that integrates with brewery/retail POS (Point of Sale) systems and tracks can/bottle inventory changes. Inventory is then updated and displayed automatically and in real-time in a ‘widget’ that can be embedded on a website.

Hopdrops widget

Currently, we integrate with Square and are in the process of becoming an official Square partner. This process was, unfortunately, delayed due to the COVID-19 health crisis, but when we are officially partnered, it will provide us with a path to being listed in the Square marketplace as well as receiving technical support and advanced access to new APIs…

In our next article, we’ll take a deep dive into what hopdrops is, but in this post I’d like to take the time to talk about ideas, and take a moment to appreciate just how special it is that we as humans even have the capability to think of something from nothing!

Photo by Fachy Marín on Unsplash

When I listen to music, I often wonder how the artist comes up with the melody and the lyrics. Were they just sitting in traffic, letting their mind wander freely down the interstate? …

We figure it’s about time we start making use of our blog platform, but none of us would have ever guessed it would be about something like this. While I’m sure we will go into what hopdrops is and the exciting developments around our future, let’s reserve this space for discussion around the current COVID-19 health crisis plaguing the globe.

COVID-19, also being referred to Coronavirus and Wuhan Flu, is a novel flu-like virus that has not previously been exposed to humans and has wreaked havoc on the global community. …


Hopdrops is a distributed, real-time application that informs craft beer enthusiasts about the availability of can releases. Visit us at

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