Day 17- Good morning to you Hanoi


We spent the morning exploring this crazy busy city. It’s so busy with motorbikes flying at you everywhere you turn!

We popped on over to Hoan Kiem Lake and had a wander around it and over the bridge to a temple.

After visiting the outside of the opera house we wandered to surprisingly my fav bit of the morning which was the Vietnamese Women’s Museum. The art they had on just outside for the month was stunning called ‘ageless beauty’ it was a collection of 25 photos by a photographer called Rehahn. Rehahn captures wisdom and natural beauty in old Vietnamese women.The photos really make you feel you are in the moment and I caught myself and others smiling at each photo they approached.

Inside the museum we learnt the life of a Vietnamese woman through family life, marriage, home and through the war. You can do an audio guide going round but due to time (as we booked a show) we choose to walk around freely. Being a designer my fav part was clearly the war time posters!

Harry Potter cafe ‘Always’

We couldn’t resist popping in here for a quick drink. Cheesy but fun! We had butter beers and poly juice potion. Not amazing but a nice stop off!

Water puppet show

This was so much fun and it threw me and Pete on how it was done. Essentially it’s a puppet show in water, hence the name. But the puppets came out so far and we’re so well controlled we weren’t sure if they were worked from underneath or behind the bamboo curtain (after a google after we found out it was behind the curtain)

They told over 12 stories, some with a comical twist displayed through motion and music alone. My favourite puppets were the fish as the way they were designed and controlled was mesmerising.

I would definitely recommend if you are ever in Hanoi to go to a show, for 100,000 Dong it’s very much worth it (£3.40)

Bun Cha Ta restaurant

We had the recommended dish which was super tasty, soft pink meatballs in a noodle broth with spring rolls. Mega cheap, £8 for 2 meals and 2 drinks.

Trip to Sapa

We booked a trip to Sapa, 2 days and 1 night at a homestay. We decided to take a sleeper train there at 10pm. I was a bit dubious as reviews said how rickety it is and I get easily sick when traveling however found it ok! And yes it is very rocky!

We didn’t book first class private, unlike last time, so shared with 2 other guys from England who were in a group of 5 on there travels. They came from London! First people we have met from London so far, what are the chances! Once settled in we got into our own thing and I caught up on Eastenders… I mean *insert some intelligent programme here*

Night y’all