Day 18-Good morning Sa Pa!

Hike timmmmmee

The morning arrived and had a perfectly reasonable sleep on the train. We pulled into Lao Cai and it was only a short mini bus drive to Sa Pa. Once we arrived at Mountain view hotel we dumped our bags and got prepped for a 12km hike to Muong Hoa Villiage, the most beautiful village in Sa Pa where we could see Local Hill Tribes live and work in the rice fields. We hired wellie boots and thick socks (as advised due to rainfall the previous night)

We wandered through mud covered hills, clambered over rocks, waided through rivers and tackled bamboo forests, it was SO SO worth it once we were in open space. Pictures just don’t do it justice whatsoever. Stunning. Every level whether we were high up or down low was just amazing. Green and yellow rice fields with waterfalls and rivers stretch for as far as the eye could see.

We trekked through several villages and were taught unique customs of the black H’mong people.

Machine to pummel grains, indigo dying and yes that’s cannabis… for making clothes

After a much needed lunch by the Muong Hoa stream with our new tour buddies we started to make our way over to our Homestay.

Our tour guide was great by being so informative but also she took us to her own home to show us where she lived and we met some of her family.


After a long hiking day we finally arrived at the Homestay where all I could think is ‘shower, shower, shower’ Once I freshened up I was able to appreciate just where we staying and it was fantastic. Views views views.

Also the host of the homestay was lovely and it was a pretty cool experience all sleeping in one big room.

Cooking class

We had a short cooking class once we arrived in the homestay. We learnt how to make spring rolls. Very simple! We then feasted all together on an assortment of foods.

Bon appetite.

We finished off the night with a few drinking games with a drink called ‘happy water’ which is rice wine. I actually really liked it!