Day 19- More treking!

We started off the day in such a stunning place it felt like a dream. We all had breakfast outside in the beautiful Sa Pa air.

A further 12km of treking today yet I did not get bored! Not with these views we had.

Today we powered through Hoang Lien Son national park and visited the Giang Ta Chai villiage of the Dao Tribe where we enjoyed the jungle waterfall which was so refreshing after so much hiking.

We finished off our day in Su Oan village where we go transferred back to Mountain view hotel to collect our things for the 6 hour trip back to Hanoi.

We booked a sleeper bus back but for during the day, it just meant we had the comfort of lying back. We wanted to mix it up as we came by train originally. Sleeper buses are awssssommmee, just got to try make sure your not at the back as it gets more cramped for headspace.

When we got back from Hanoi we realised that the people we did the hike with were also staying at the same place!

The first night we stayed here it was pretty grim however we got a nicer room on our return which was great as we were pooooopooeddd

Night x