Day 24- Phong Nha Bang Park

As we had a ‘cheat’ rest day yesterday we decided to get back stuck into the adventure by booking a tour that included a jam packed day of events.

Botanical gardens

We started off the morning visiting the Botanical gardens which provides a rich habitat for various birds and mammals. We saw a few monkeys and a massive snake all coiled up.

Paradise cave

We then went to our first cave of the day, paradise cave, I swear with each new cave I go to in Vietnam they keep getting bigger and bigger! And this was no exception. It was stunning. I’m not a massive cave fan but I really did enjoy this one.

It started off with a very long treck to the top. Before even seeing the entry of the cave, you feel it. The cold rush of air against a tired Hope was amazing. At first I wasn’t sure what it was, as there was a restaurant nearby so was unsure if aircon was being blasted at me somehow. We then realised when we saw the entry to the cave.

The size of the formations inside were amazing, considering to make 1cm of a stalagmite or stalactite takes 100 years and these where redonk tall. More shocking is that this massive cave was only found in 2009, crazy that we are still finding such beautiful caves. The walls from one side to another were all different from wavey sea formations, jagged sharp formations and alien like splats and rivets, really out of this world.


We had a feast for our lunch which was just along the river. Chicken, pork, ribs, noodles, sticky rice of all colours, DIY summer roll ingredients and various sources and soups. This tomato based soup was my favourite as it was really refreshing change to what we have seen served previously on tours.


Not the longest with the best view zipline I’ve seen but it came part of the tour so of course going to do it! Was fun flying over the river as Pete captured me at the other end on the Go Pro.

Dark cave, MUD TIME.

My favourite part of the day was visiting the Dark cave. As ‘dark’ is in the name we had our helmets and head torches at the ready. But first we made our way over to it by swimming… this was my least favourite part of the day as when I lept in I smashed my foot on a rock. A few cuts and a massive swelling occurred which made it very hard to walk around the dark cave. But I moaned my way through in till we got to the mud baths!

Never been into a mud bath before so this is one to tick off the list. The mud felt like slightly loose clay and whist the water came up to our chests at the deepest point the mud came to just below our knees. The feeling was so bizarre as each step you felt the suction of the mud keeping you down. The mud was so malleable as you picked it up from your foot or clawed at it from the wall to form mud balls to chuck at the wall and at one another.


We have done kayaking previously so this one was short and sweet that just lead us to the next section…

Assault course

So wasn’t aware of this part in the tour so was a nice surprise. The assault course was across water and was pretty cool and very old school. Essentially it was 3 sections.

The first was wheeling up the rope to zipline down across the water and see who could last the longest before you plummeted into the water.

Second was a swing/ seesaw where one person stands on one side ready to leap in while the other side someone of giving it some momentum back and fourth.

The final was a mixture of zip lining and landing into a massive net and then going across nets and rings to finish.

All very simple but lots of fun to finish up the day. Didn’t manage to capture images of this as we got toostuck into them!

Just before we headed black they gave us a big bottle of rum and cokes to share amongst our small group! Not all of it was finished…so I nabbed it for drinking later. So British.

Ta ta good day. X