Day 36- New location here we commmmee…

What a scorcher it is today. 35 degrees and no breeze in the morning as we stopped off at…

Wat Phnom

Wat Phnom is a Buddhist temple, it is the tallest religious structure in the city. It located in the middle of a very large roundabout up on a small hill. Very pretty walking around as music is being played from high above.

Next stop Battambang

We decided to take our next stop in our trip to Battambang. A small sleepy village. Just what we need! Also what a cool name, who couldn’t resist coming here!?

We were greeted after a 7 hour journey at the bus station, by our assigned tuk tuk driver for the few days we are here. The tuk tuk guy was hilarious, mentioning lots of cockney slang when he could. Made us feel very welcome!

We arrived at the homestay at around 10pm and were greeted by a lovely room and fruit delivered to our door, and the sweet relief of sleep

Nighty xx

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