Day 45- Just one more day?

Today we are set to check out of Marina Bay Sands for 11am noooooo :( can we stay one more day? Money wise no way :( sad times. So clearly we need to make most of our few hours before check out!

Sauna and steam room

We started our day by hitting the sauna and steam room, not that you really need it in this country as it’s so hot out! However it was a really lovely room with a hot pool as well. We were treated to ice cold apples after.

Infinity Pool

Last moments in the infinity pool had to be done before check out!

Still as beautiful in the morning as it was yesterday afternoon.

Gardens by the bay again…

So yesterday we did the ‘free’ exploring section of the gardens. Now it was time for the two conservatories!

The first one we entered was the Flower dome, which really did supersede my expectations. Originally I thought ‘well flowers this isn’t going to be interesting enough’ but the trees, succulents, cactuses and of course flowers combined from all counties made a spectacular visit!

The second was the Cloud forest which was the one I was most looking forward to out of them both. I actually preferred the previous but this one was still magnificent. Essentially a large man made mountain had been created with a waterfall running down it. This mountain was filled with greenery and dressed with bright colourful flowers. Every so often the mountain would mist up as you made you way down the mountain.

New hostel

So we made our way to a new hostel, which was based further down Singapore. What was great about this one is that we were only in a 4 person dorm this time and they were a really nice couple! Phew! Also the 24/7 free toast was a bonus.

Once we arrived we quickly set off to meet our friend Gabriel…

Gabriel visit!

We met Gabriel when we were in Ha Long Bay in Vietnam and he mentioned about meeting up in Singapore when we were around as he lives here!

He took us around a few places as he was driving which was super handy! We also met two other girls who were visiting from Vietnam and one guy from India. All lovely people!

Botanical gardens

Our first stop was a lovely walk around the botanical gardens. Something we had in the planner, so super glad we did it. The Singapore Botanic Gardens is a 158-year-old tropical garden that covers a large area. It was beautiful to walk round the lakes feeding the turtles and catfish. What was lovely was it was almost like having our own personal tour guide of Singapore as we went to all the best stops along the way.

China town

We popped to China town for dinner. Gabriel took us to his fav cheap eat place. Singapore generally is super spenny so this was great! We also got some tasty dessert called moon cake and nibbles on some samples of jerky. Pete also got his beer top that he is collecting from each country phew!

Chinese Tea session

Next up was a nearby Chinese tea place. Never been a massive fan of tea but was keen to learn all about it.

We got taught the proper method of brewing tea, down to the amount to put in, pouring method, brewing time, fragrance testing and tasting.

It was really interesting and I didn’t mind the tea at all. Not changed my ways tho, happy with my squash ;)

24/7 shopping

We then got taken to a epic shop, like none other I’ve seen. So many floors, he quickly wanted to pick up some bits along the way but it was so funny to see how odd and weird this supermarket was. We were convinced to buy some chilli crab sauce mix to try when we are at home!

Henderson waves Bridge

Out last stop on our epically long day was to Henderson waves bridge and other view points. It was beautiful designed and was a late night chillout spot for lots of young people. Was nice to look out over Singapore to finish up our evening. Thankyou Gabriel!

Nighty xxx