Day 67-Te Anau-Milford Sounds-Queenstown

We woke up in what I thought was going to be a big bad scary forest but actually turned out to be a really peaceful place. We quickly made some breakfast and started on our journey. Today the plan is to do a nature cruise around the Milford Sound and hopefully see some wildlife.

Journey to Milford Sound

The drive up to Milford sound took us to some really remote places, places where you don’t see cars for hours and your phone no longer has signal. It’s when you are in these places you really hope you don’t have an accident or its going to be a really long walk or wait for help.

Near the end of journey we came to homers tunnel, it’s a single lane and very tight tunnel that goes through the mountain and gives access to the sound. We had to wait 10 minutes until it was our turn to drive through and during that time a Kea decided to land on the front of our van. We opened up the door and cheekily tried to get in, hoping for some food. We gave him a slice of bread so he would stay still while we took photos which we then found out later was something we shouldn’t of done. Sorry.

Milford sound cruise

We arrived and quickly got on our boat ready to explore the sound. We noticed the same American family that had been on the same glow worm and blue penguin tours as us was also on this boat. I think they are following us.

We went straight up to the top deck and realised how windy and freezing it was going to be but we pulled up our socks and put our hats on and stuck it out.

On the journey we saw amazing mountains that had been carved out by the glacier and some large waterfalls that were dwarfed by the surrounding landscape. We happened to see a solitary bottlenose dolphin swimming along side the boat before heading to deep waters, a few crested penguins and a lot of plump little fur seals dotted around.

Queenstown here we come!

Unfortunately to get to Queenstown we had back track and drive all the way down the road we had just come up. While it makes the journey a lot longer it wasn’t too bad because the scenery is so beautiful.

Four hours later we arrived and settled in at our Top 10 campsite. We did a bit of planning for the next few days and then had an early night so we was fully rested for tomorrow’s adrenaline packed adventures.

Nighty night x