Day 68-Queenstown-Queenstown

We did a bit of research last night and found a place in the centre of Queenstown where we could park all day for just $3! Bargain! So we packed up, sorted out the van and headed over.

Luuuuuge and skyline

First stop on our adrenaline packed day was the luge and gondola. We had done something very similar to this in Singapore and knew it was going to be fun and we were damn right. We purchased a ticket for five rides each and then headed to the gondola to take us up to the top.

We first headed to the viewing deck where we got some spectacular views of Queenstown surrounded by the lake and mountains. Queenstown is definitely not what I was expecting, I thought I wasn't going to be this large city but it’s so much better.

We carried on over and grabbed our helmets and jumped on the skyline to the start of the track. The first ride you do has to be on the blue track which is both the scenic and slower track. We quickly got to grips with our carts and flew down the track overtaking everyone that we could. Back at the bottom we realised that our hands were freezing from the wind so we made a quick pit stop for some gloves. Now with warm hands and the blue track out of the way we can now do the fast track, the red track. This track has a lot more steep sections that really speed the carts up, however we refused to use our breaks or slow down and went into each corner at dangerous speeds. Our five rides were over before we knew it and we decided to take gondola back down and head to our next stop.


We had planned on going here a lot later but as we walked past we noticed the queue was out the door. We decided it was better to eat early so to avoid not getting one before we had to leave for the Nevis Swing.

We both decided to go for the classic fergburger with brie on top and a portion of chips, which was definitely not needed. The burger was massive, almost the size of my head, and the taste was incredible. First the brie was a great alternative to cheddar and the sauce they put on the burger was divine. Pete quickly demolished his burger while I only managed half before throwing in the towel. After all that savoury we needed something sweet.

Sweets, sweets, sweets!

We went over to the Remarkable Sweetshop as we read you could try their wide variety of fudge samples for free. I really liked the fruit based fudges they had like mango and lemon while Pete was set on the creme brulee. We ended up getting a box of assorted flavours so we could try some more later.

You would think after all that fudge we would be satisfied but nope.

We headed over to cookie time for some freshly baked.. well you can probably guess. We picked three separate cookies – banoffee pie, white chocolate and lemon meringue and chocolate fudge brownie. All three were delicious but we couldn’t decide which one was the best between the brownie or banoffee.

Nevis swing

Time to make every other swing I’ve ever been on look tiny. The Nevis Swing is the worlds largest swing with an insane 300m arc. We headed over to the meeting point where we were put on a coach for a 45m drive to the swings location. The driver we had was absolutely hilarious, constantly making small talk and jokes to distract us and then playing loads of songs with jump in the title so get us nervous again.

Once we arrived we put all our stuff in a locker and got put into our harnesses. We then had to cross a 70m suspension bridge which I was not a fan of. Im super glad we chose the swing over the bungee, with the swing you have no control over when it happens but with the bungee you have to jump yourself which I couldn’t do.

I was happily distracted recording the couple in front of us so didn’t have time to contemplate what was happening until we were strapped in.

After they strapped us in we were told to sit back and dangle our feet off the edge which was terrifying all by itself. We were then slowly taken out so there was nothing below us. There was a quick little photoshoot before final checks. I was originally going to film us on the GoPro but decided I needed to hold on and couldn’t hold my arm out. They started the count down. 3… 2… 1… and we were gone. Screams and rushing of wind is all I could hear as we shot across. It was emense. Loved it.

When we were back on firm ground we were shown the videos and photos of our swing and we couldn’t resist but buying them. The angles they caught were really good and really shows the drop we have to deal with!

Freedom Camp

After all that fun it was too late really to travel to next place so we did a stock up of shopping and freedom camped just on the outskirts of Queenstown.

Sleepy sleepy xx