Day 70-Fox Glaciers -Greytown

On today’s agenda there are a few walks and finishing large with a skydive!

Terminal face walk (valley walk)

This walk was a short poodle on over to the terminal face of the glacier with its steep ice falls. Was a bit of…dare I say…boring walk! Shock horror! Sorry NZ. There was just nothing notable along the way and if I’m truely honest the view of the glacier didn’t do it for me. Maybe it was the poor weather (as it was super cloudy) or maybe it’s just my expectations. I just expected more. My problem really!

Lake Matheson walk

Famous for its reflections of NZs highest mountains, it was voted as one of the worlds top 10 lakes! Rainy and cloudy walk wasn’t probably the best to really experience this area however we walked around part of the way and the views were beautiful through the mossy covered woods. We could of done more but rain put a dampers on things

Fox swing Bridge

Nothing really special view wise from this historic bridge as mentioned when we read up about it. It was stated that you could see the Glacier but nahhh not today!, but it was still pretty of course! The bridge was slightly to old for my liking so I took a step back and let Pete take it all in!

Mountain view point for lunch

We heard of a great spot which had a great view of all the mountains around so we thought that be a great place to stop for a noodle lunch!

What was great about this spot is that it had a nifty little viewing device that told you when twisted and turned what each of the mountain names were and there heights.

It was quite a cloudy day so not all the mountains were visible but as we had lunch in the area and as time passed different sections open up, in particular the glacier that looked stunning. Much better view, even tho further away, than the terminal face walk.

Sky dive fail

So we turned up, I would like to say ready and raring but I really wasn’t, to the skydive area. We were greeted with sad faces saying the skydive may be called off today due to cloudy weather. Relief and disappointment came over me in waves. We waited around for 1 hour to see if there was any change but it just seemed to be getting worse.

We ended up leaving deciding we will skydive later on, just unfortunately won’t be above glaciers!

One thing I regret not doing was a heli and walk in the glacier however it was just far to expensive…still gutted tho. One day maybe!?

Trip to Greymouth and freedom camping

As soon as we left the glacier the heavens seemed to open up as those clouds just exploded with rain. We finally arrived at our freedom camp for the night on Greymouths beach front. Was a beautiful spot to rest and cook dinner by for the night.

Sea breeezzzzzze xx