Day 71- Greytown-Barrytown-Murchison

Barrytown knife making

What an amazing day! I love doing this sort of thing! Making stuff by hand and this was certainly no exception.

We arrived early morning after our camping to a little house just in the outskirts of Barrytown.

When we arrived we were greeted by the dog, Puppet, in the drive way and there incredible chatty parrot called Sam (that loved stokes by the way!!)

We then got started straight away and met our instructors Robyn and Stephen who got straight into the agenda for the day and gave us the bare bones of what our knife was and showed examples of what we could do. From curved knives to straight knives all of varying sizes and shapes of blade and handle.

We immediately got beating away at our steal in the hot coal fire and already I knew I was wearing far to many layers! Hammering the piping hot red steal was really fun, the hammering determined the size of the blade and in a way the shape.

After many hammering attempts we then cooled the steel down to cut more to our shape and to shine up at the base where our handles would be attached.

Nice and shiny, we then cut the blocks of wood for our handles, glued them on, shaped down further to the steel and applied resin in all the cracks. I make it sound super fast but this wasn’t even half of it yet!

We took a lunch break of toasties and games such as axe and star throwing (harder than it looks!!) ring toss and a go on there massive swing! The views from there house was fantastic. They are very lucky to live is such a picturesque landscape.

The second portion of the day was about defining the final shape of our blades and handles. I decided to put some finger indents in mine and a curved top. Unintentionally me and Pete seemed to make his and hers blades with his looking exactly like mine but larger!

After the shape was chosen we applied varnish and polished our blades to be nice and sparkly! Puuurrfeccct! Everyone but me finished the day with champagne. I stuck to the OJ…dam driving.

Super happy with the result! Was such a fun day! It’s difficult to decide to take out a whole day in our schedule to do day long activities but 110% would say it was worth it. Something I will never forget.

Pancake rocks

Next stop Pancake Rocks! They are limestone formations that began forming 30 million years ago, when lime-rich fragments of dead marine creatures were deposited on the seabed, then overlaid by weaker layers of soft mud and clay. The seabed was raised above sealevel by earthquakes to form the coastal cliffs and coastline. The sea, wind and rain have since etched out the soft layers to form the unusual rock formations that look like pancakes stacked upon one another, this was only 15 minutes from Barrytown so a great stop off.

Originally we wanted to visit this area in high tide as water shoots up and over rocks through blowholes. Its meant to present amazing views however we needed to move on due to time but also choosing the knife making over this we had to visit in low tide.

However it was still a great place to visit in low tide as we saw water rush in through and past the rocks.

Murchison to stay

We decided to stay in a powered site in Murchison for the night. The sun setting here was stunning. Such gorgeous sky’s lit up the camp site.

We met some nice people whist cooking dinner before heading to sleep to rest up from the tiresome knife making day!

Night!! Xx