A Reflection of Home

“I had a magical time last night. It’s to bad I had to hurry out because of that doctor appointment.” Tiffany knew that code. It meant that Lexi wanted help with something that would need a little bit of her magic and with the “hurry” emphasized, she new it was important.

Tiffany crossed her arms and looked at both of them darkly. She didn’t like using her magic because sometimes it just got out of control and it wasn’t helpful with what was going on in her own home. Her parent’s divorce, moving, and a new school was too much to take in.

She starred at the red, headed girl in shock. Two very large wings were appearing like ghosts at her sides. She stepped back until she was against the wall.

“What is up with humans and dragons?” The red headed girl moaned, “It’s like they’ve never seen one before.”

“Um…for your information,” Lexi began, “Humans don’t normally have magic, Pearl! It’s ok, Tiffany. She’s one of us.” Tiffany timidly took a step forward.

“And she does too?” The red headed girl, whom was apparently named Pearl, asked watching Tiffany. Tiffany kept very quiet. She was normally quiet. She hated talking to people, so she kept to herself.

Lexi turned to Tiffany, “We need your help. Pearl is from a different realm (as she calls it) and she needs help getting back. I know you can go through mirrors to places you want to go, so can you help take her back home?”

“I can’t.” Tiffany said quietly, “I’d love to help you, but I have to be able to imagine where she’s from in order to go there.” Pearl went white.

“So, I’m stuck here?” Pearl asked in shock, “There’s nothing you can do?” Tiffany looked at the mirror and thought very hard. Tiffany had been given a very special gift, that she hated. She had the ability to break glass, form glass, and teleport with mirrors. Then it dawned on her: she could also send messages to other mirrors even if she couldn’t imagine them, but she had only done this once in her entire life.

“Wait,” Tiffany looked up from her thought process, “I think you can send a message, but you have to tell me whom I must send it to.” Pearl’s face brightened.

“My brother, Flame.” She said excitedly. Tiffany turned to her mirror. It was long and lined with black along the sides. She touched it and a fog covered their reflections.

“Write your message.” She instructed Pearl. Pearl placed a finger on the glass. It was cold and wet. When she swiped her finger down, it made a line of the first letter. Pearl began to write.

The treasury was full of gold coins, jewels, human treasures, and more. Even though the room was lit with candles along the stone walls, the gold could have made the room light with the glow it reflected.

Flame looked around the infinite cavern filled with millions and possibly billions of treasure. How was he going to find Destiny in this mess? He moved his long neck to look behind him. A flash of light caught his eye and turned in its direction.

A silver mirror was propped up against a wall. Flame whooped with joy and ran to the mirror. The mirror’s magic reflected off the surface and a woman’s face appeared. Her hair was made of strings of gold and her eyes were an unnatural purple.

“I am the mirror,” yawned the woman, “Fear me…blah, blah…and all that good stuff.”

“Fear you?” Flame asked, “You don’t seem very fearful.”

“Whatever.” The mirror said, “What can I do for a mighty dragon such as yourself…blah, blah?”

“My sister,” Flame said hurriedly, “Have you seen her?”

“Who?” The mirror asked and then she rolled her eyes, “Oh, nosey. She hasn’t been here, but you tell her if I ever catch her here again…”

“Never mind that.” Flame interrupted, “Can you locate her?”

“Can I?” The mirror repeated, “What’s in it for me?” Flame groaned. He had forgotten that magic mirrors didn’t give you any info without something in return.

“Fine.” Flame said stubbornly, “What do you want?”

“Freedom.” The mirror answered, “But know one can do that. So, I’ll have to settle for another mirror.”


“I want company down here!” The mirror exclaimed, “Go and trap someone for me.”

“I’m not just going to trap someone for you!” Flame yelled, “You got cursed for being greedy. I can’t just kidnap someone and expect them to go digging in dragon treasure. Everyone knows its cursed these days.” The mirror looked up at him with a sly smile and Flame groaned.

“You aren’t going to help me unless I do this, right?” Flame asked. The smile stayed plastered to her face, but Flame suddenly got curious about the letters that were appearing at the side of the mirror. The mirror gasped:

“No!” Flame’s eyes grew wide and a huge grin spread across his face. Destiny’s handwriting was spelling out a message that was appearing slowly, one letter at a time:

“Flame? It’s me, Destiny. Are you getting this message?” The mirror fogged up so that Flame could write a message back.

“Yes, yes I’m here. Are you ok? Where are you?” More letters appeared:

“Flame! I’m in a human world called Earth. How do I come back home?” Flame quickly scribbled back.

“A portal. You need to make a portal.” Destiny’s handwriting was becoming fainter as she wrote:

“Earth doesn’t have those ingredients! Hurry, I’m losing time!” Flame desperately tried to finish.

“Yes it does, but the place is hidden. It is guarded by a great creature. You need to send a message to him. He will help you.” Her handwriting was barely visible:

“What’s his name?”


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