Flame’s Search

All the little dragons gasped. Flame grinned at their amazement and began answering multiple questions.

“Just wait.” Destiny whispered to one of her friends named Tiffany, “They’ll be oohing and awing even more.” Destiny nodded her head to a boy chattering to her other friends. Tiffany gave Destiny a playful swat, but as Destiny ducked behind one of Flame’s horns, Tiffany blushed.

Flame finished the thrilling story of Kira the Adventurer with another cliff hanger. The dragons were so disappointed, but their disappointment was filled with the delicious snacks and desserts being served after the ceremony. Flame didn’t stop because he wanted to, but because he hadn’t seen Destiny at all after Grandfather’s story and it was unlike her to miss her favorite book.

He went looking for Destiny all through the tunnels and when he couldn’t find her, he began to panic. He went down a series of tunnels before arriving back to their cave they called home. He opened the stone door and rushed into the living cave. The fire was still lit, but lazily burning. There was a small human-sized kitchen in the corner of the cave and Flame’s study desk in another corner.

Flame tried to think of another place Destiny could have gone and thought of her bedroom. The human-sized doorway almost looked like a mouse hole to Flame as he called for her.

“Destiny?” He called. There was no answer as his voice echoed off the walls of their cave. He was running, almost flying now, to his parents cave next to theirs. His parents were sitting side by side reading one of the Books of Old together. His father looked just like Flame with his red triangular scales and green eyes. His mother had more of an oval shape of scales but they were the same color as Destiny’s wings.

“Mom? Dad?” Flame gasped, “Have you seen Destiny?” His parents looked at each other.

“We thought she was playing with you after the festival, so we thought we’d head home and finish our novel. It’s what you two do every night after a festival.” His mother said slowly as his father nodded in agreement, “Is she missing?” Flame nodded.

“Well,” his father began in a deep voice, “I wouldn’t be worried about, Flame. She’s been playing with this new boy in the treasury.”

“What?” Flame asked.

“Yes,” his father said, “The Magic Mirror told us. It caught them playing games in the treasury during school hours. I’m sure she’s fine.” They went back to their novel with Flame’s father narrating.

Flame rushed out of the cave. He had to get to the treasury and find Destiny. If he couldn’t find her, he had to talk to the Mirror.

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