The Dragon Inside

Pearl tied her hair back into a side braid. It was a messy braid, but it was still pretty. Smaller pieces of hair was licking her face and all of the braid was in red flames. She blew a strand out of her eyes and checked her reflection in a puddle where she had slept.

She had refused the tree house Phoenix had offered her. She slept in a nest of fire like she did at home. It was warm and cozy. Homesickness hit her stomach and she settled down in the nest. She missed Flame. All she wanted to do was snuggle next to Flame and stay there. She would never wander away through tunnels and mysterious rooms again.

She knew that she would stay in her class and learn all about humans and magic until her brain couldn’t hold anything. What if an incident like this happened again? She would need to know what to do. Right now she was lucky enough to find these other magical people to help her. If she hadn’t of landed in Lexi’s room, whom knows what would have happened to her.

A black cat was walking up to her and then it was herself.

“Hi, Lexi.” Pearl said as Lexi shape shifted back into her true form.

“Have you seen Tiff?” Lexi asked, “I need her to take me to my bedroom so that I can change out of this stupid leotard.” She looked down at herself. She was still wearing that shiny, purple leotard.

“Why are you wearing a bathing suit?” Pearl asked.

“Bathing suits don’t have tights! I use it for gymnastic competitions.” Lexi exclaimed with an offended look.

“Sorry.” Pearl apologized, “I still don’t know a whole lot about humans.” A rush of wind brushed harshly against their faces. They both looked up at the sky and saw a giant, fiery phoenix.

“Phoenix!” They cried in unison. His feathers turned and twisted into sharp points like arrows. He was fighting off a dark cloud of magic that was trying to get to the limp body is his claws.

“He’s got Tiffany! Somethings wrong with her! He needs help!” Pearl cried as she flew up next to Phoenix. Lexi shape shifted into another phoenix, but instead of red: purple. Pearl’s strong wings blew the cloud in a different direction. Lexi took Tiffany from Phoenix and flew her to the ground and used her wings and body to shield Tiffany.

Phoenix could finally fight the cloud off without having to worry about dropping Tiffany. Pearl snarled at the cloud and flew through it. She was flying in the middle of the cloud. She spun. She spun as fast as she could. Her wings pierced the cloud.

Phoenix looked very ticked off and had enough! He gave an ear splitting screech and a blast of magic came from him knocking the cloud out of the forest. Pearl flew down to Lexi, whom had shape shifted back into her true form. Phoenix flew down next to them and turned back into himself.

Tiffany’s eyes were black balls and she was mumbling.

“What’s wrong with her?” Lexi asked in a terrified voice.

“She’s been hit by some sort of dark cloud.” Phoenix answered as he pulled multiple potions out of a bag at his side, “If I don’t pull this antidote together, she’ll…she’ll…” He stopped talking and quickly poured two potions into an empty bottle. Pearl’s eyes grew wide and she glanced at Tiffany.

What happened next? Pearl wasn’t so sure, but she couldn’t just watch someone die. She put all of her mind on Tiffany’s. She swirled into the darkness. Someone shouted her name but she pushed them back, hard. She was in Tiffany’s mind, there was no turning back.

Tiffany was against a corner with words and fears surrounding her.

“Tiffany!” Pearl yelled, “It’s Pearl. I’m going to help you. You’re going to be ok.” Tiffany looked at her and then fearfully behind her. Pearl looked behind herself and saw a black cloaked figure.

“Stay out of here, brat!” It shouted in a shrill voice, “She’s mine!”

“You wish.” Pearl reveled as a fireball appeared in her hands. She growled and her wings tingled as she transformed into a real dragon, the dragon she would have become. Her wings were huge and graceful. Her horns were long and pointed. Her eyes weren’t visible because of the the fire in front of them.

“I know who you are!” She heard herself saying in a deep voice, “You’re that witch that tried to hurt my family!” She growled and swiped at the figure.

“I won’t let you do it again! Not to my friends! Not to anyone! You don’t belong here! You are no longer welcome!” She screamed and light burst from her. The figure was gone. Tiffany was safe. Pearl was back into reality and Tiffany was gasping for breath. They were out of her mind and Tiffany was alive.

Pearl looked at Phoenix and Lexi. Phoenix was bowing respectfully. Tiffany was so overcome with fear that she ran off crying. Phoenix tried to grab her arm and Lexi tried to hold her down, but she was too quick. Pearl growled at them.

“Let her go.” She demanded in a deep, dragon’s voice. Phoenix bowed again. He shouldn’t be bowing to her.

“She is trying to process what happened.” The dragon inside her said, “She will come back and when she does she will need all of you.” The voice turned back into her own voice and she yelped as she fell.

She was shaking and her hands were steaming with smoke.

“What…what did I do?” She asked with wide eyes.

“The Grandfather Dragon just used you.” Phoenix said, “Lay down you look very pale.” That explained why Phoenix had bowed so respectfully. Pearl obeyed for a minute, but then she sat up.

“Where’s Tiffany? Is she ok?” Phoenix and Lexi looked at her.

“What did you do?” Lexi asked.

“I got rid of that witch.” Pearl said softly, “I saved her life.”


“I saw a witch. She was trying to take Tiffany’s mind, not kill her. And I saw Tiffany’s thoughts.” She stopped. She hadn’t remembered or seen it before, but it was like her own thought.

“Her parents are…are divorced and she’s going to a new school and she’s confused. She’s sad. She’s mad at herself. She doesn’t understand. She’s lonely. She’s…afraid.”

“NO!” She screamed, “I was so close!” Her bony fingers splashed the water until all of her hatred was gone. She turned to a troll lazily sitting at the corner of the room.

“You!” The troll looked up started, “Get out of my sight, you ungrateful…little…troll!” The troll scurried off confused.

“Fine,” She said slyly, “I’m going to have to bring in my best magic.” She walked done the halls with full confidence and the clicking of her heels on the stone floor.

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