The Keeper

“Shall we stop here for snacks?” Flame teased the dragons.

“No, no, no!” The dragons giggled, “Go on!”

“Are you sure? I smell some chocolate cookies!” Flame grinned. It was true. Steam was drifting into the room and the smell of cookies found its way to everyone’s noses.

“No!” shouted the dragons.

“Stop teasing them, Flame.” The boy next to Tiffany said, “You’re almost as bad as me!”

“Almost?” Flame smiled slyly, “Like that’s ever going to be true!”

“No kidding, Phoenix!” Alexa glared at him and Phoenix laughed.

Phoenix walked out of the crystal cave which was caked with quartz peeking out of the walls and glittering lively, dancing in the light. He was greeted by trees as tall as the buildings in the city they called New York and birds that no human being ever thought could exist. Streams rushed past him and on through the forest racing unicorns and other magical creatures.

This small pocket on Earth held the only magic that ever existed on i. Phoenix’s job to protect all the magic. He kept the humans away by placing an invisibility force field all around the magical land. Anyone who looked at this place would only see an ordinary forest.

Phoenix is known far and wide as the Keeper of Magic, which means he guards millions of spell books and ingredients hidden behind a waterfall not to far away from the crystal cave.

Phoenix’s parents used to be the Keepers, but something or someone had killed them when he was twelve years old. The thing left no trace and Phoenix never found out what happened, who or what it was, or how they even died. He took his parents’ place as Keeper and has lived in these forests for over four years.

Phoenix walked down next to a stream until he reached a very large tree that seemed to stick out against the others. A treehouse looped all around the trunk and a few zip lines and bridges led to other smaller tree houses. A unicorn with a bright, blue mane and silky, silver skin walked up to him. She nudged him playfully.

“Hey, Baby.” Phoenix crooned as he stroked her neck, “Did you miss me?” Baby whimpered and nodded her head before hitting his pocket with her nose.

“Oh! You think I brought you a present?” He pet her nose and gently pushed it away, “No, I don’t have one.” Baby snorted and stomped her feet.

“Ok, ok.” Phoenix laughed as he grabbed two sugar cubes out of his pocket, “You win. Nothing gets past you.” Baby whinnied happily as she ate the sugar cubes in his hand.

“I have to go put these amethyst quartz in the tree house.” Phoenix patted Baby’s back, “You be a good girl and share the rest of these with your friends.” He pulled a bag out of his pocket filled with sugar cubes. Baby’s eyes lit up with excitement and she trotted off into the forest with the bag.

Phoenix chuckled to himself, “There’s no way she’s sharing those with the others.” He glanced at the trunk of the tree and saw the wooden ladder leading to the top. He got a good grip and began to climb.

The view became large, more beautiful, and yet smaller in size as Phoenix climbed higher. It was puzzling but pretty to gaze at. He finally reached the top and stepped onto the wooden deck. He faced a door that looked like a raft made of logs and a circular window big enough for Baby to poke her head in to visit, whinny for more treats, and watch him make wooden figures.

Phoenix pushed the door open and glanced around the room. A table and some chairs were in center and a cauldron at the side of the room used for brewing potions. He placed the quartz gently down on the table so that he could get something to put it in. He turned around and his small, circular mirror that he had forgotten about was fogging up. He curiously stepped over to it. His mirror didn’t normally fog up, unless it was winter time and right now spring was screaming at him through all the warmth and beauty. Maybe someone was trying to contact him, sure enough a message appeared on the mirror:

“Mr. Phoenix, my name is Tiffany. My friends and I have quite a dilemma. We were told you were the person to talk to. If you would please be so kind as to help us out, that would be much appreciated.” The message slowly disappeared and the mirror fogged up again so that Phoenix could write back:

“I would be glad to help you out Tiffany. Please come on over.” He grabbed a potion that was sitting uselessly next to the cauldron and threw it through the mirror. About a minute passed before a red portal appeared and three girls fell out of it.

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