The White Wolf

She held a dagger behind her back as she walked down the halls to a dungeon with two doors used to keep whatever was inside. Snarling came from inside and she grinned with satisfaction. Magic opened the door with a swipe of her hand.

“Hello, old friend.” A young girl sat in the corner of the room. Her hair was as white as snow and her eyes as blue as ice. She growled at the woman.

“I’m no friend of yours.” She snarled. The woman pushed away what she had said.

“I have a job for you.” The girl became silent, “I want you to to kill someone that is in my way.” The woman gave a crooked, evil smile.

“Why not do your own filthy work?” The girl said through barred teeth.

“Oh you know I would love too, but my magic is still growing since it was locked away.” The woman said piteously.

“Who do want you want me to take care of?”

“I think you know perfectly well who.” She turned away from the girl, playing with the dagger.

“He’s alive.” The girl whispered and then she screamed at the terrible woman, “No! No! Not to him! You may have made me kill my own parents, but you will not make me kill my own brother!”

“I thought you might say that.” The woman said with mock sadness, “The monster inside of you is growing too soft for my taste.”

“I’m not soft! I’m hardened by hatred of you!” The girl yelled, “One day, I’m going to escape and you will regret what you did to my family!” The woman had enough. She struck the girl with her dagger.

“You will obey me, monster!” The girl growled wildly as she turned into a white wolf with sharp fangs and red eyes.

“Go and kill the bird.” The monster bowed and pounced off down the stone halls.

The white wolf pounced and ran through forests. It looked like a ghost as it sniffed the ground looking for its prey. The moon was full and bright. The wolf watched its pearl like form with red eyes and howled.

She wouldn’t, she would never do what she had been told. The wolf growled at her, controlling her ever thought. She kept running. She would kill the great creature. She would please her mistress for the prize she deserved: freedom.

The wolf felt it. The wolf hit it. A giant force field appeared in front of her eyes. The bird was clever, but not as clever as the dangerous white wolf. The wolf looked down at her claws and watched as they glowed a golden color. She snarled at the force field and used her golden claws to tear through it.

A hole began to grow bigger and bigger. The wolf slipped through and reveled with satisfaction. She pounced off into the forest, straight to the sight of smoke drifting into the dark night.

Phoenix laid down next to the fire that Pearl had just made with a new fire spell he had been teaching her. Lexi was playing around with her fingers trying to shape shift them into something amusing.

He stared up into the stars silently wishing to see his parents up there smiling down at him. The force field suddenly flashed a golden color. Phoenix sat up quickly.

“Brainy?” Lexi asked as she shaped shifted her hand into a flashlight, “What was that?” Phoenix stared at the force field again.

“Someone or something broke in.” Phoenix said as he stood up with a worried look, “But it’s a blood force field only…unless…” Phoenix took off with Lexi and Pearl trailing behind.

Any type of blood spell was a way to prevent anyone from just walking in or undoing the spell. Only someone that was related to whoever cast the spell.

“Brainy hold up!” Lexi gasped as they reached the Keepers Den. Phoenix didn’t stop. He reached the cauldron and looked inside. It was swirling around and showing a white wolf pouncing in the forest. Phoenix’s eyes grew wide as he stared at the magic bouncing off of the animal:

“Neva…” Shaking with nervousness, Phoenix sat down gasping, “She’s alive.” Lexi and Pearl looked at each other.

“Phoenix, are you ok?” Pearl asked. Phoenix ran out of the cave with Lexi yelling at him to stop and explain, but he didn’t. Neva…was alive! He had to find her.

He rushed into the forest gasping for breath. He glanced around himself, only trees circled him.

“Neva?” A low growling followed and his heart jumped into his throat. Phoenix turned around. A white wolf was ready to pounce on him. Its fur was as white as snow and eyes as red as a blood moon. Its claws glowed gold. He was so focused on its beauty. Lexi and Pearl were behind him.

“Phoenix!” Pearl screamed, “Look out!” She tried to jump in front of him and use her wings as a shield but as the monster pounced, it stopped a few inches away from him. He was holding out his hand and petting the soft, furry head. The monster began to cry. Big wet teardrops fell from its fury face and it bowed its head.

The wolf turned into a girl with white hair and eyes as blue as a cold snowflake. She ran to Phoenix crying and Phoenix hugged her back.