Aiming For Everest

The analogy is simple: aiming for Everest = trying your hardest to meet the biggest goals in your life.

Or it can be literal, too … like, you can literally aim for Everest. (Side note: if you are, please tell me. I want to have coffee with you).

Anyway, I’ve decided to make this my rally cry. Whatever it is I endeavor to do, I will push as hard as I can. I will set the loftiest goals that I can possibly imagine, and I will ‘aim for Everest.’ Every time.

Cuz, in order to climb Everest, you have to train for, like, 15 years. I’m not joking. That means by the time you’re in Kathmandu, you’re an expert at climbing, altitude, oxygen, physical trainining…

It gets in your head, too. Once you start ‘aiming for Everest’ in all of your goals you realize that, not only can you attain anything you attempt, but more importantly, you’re good enough to do it. You’re worth it. You deserve to reach your goals. No more self-degredation, self-pity, or unnecessary self-restraint.

Just… go. Just do it. And yes you can. You absolutely can do it.

I need to keep on telling myself this, every single day.