Hopeful Summer Reading list

life. a beautiful adventure full of twists and turns. Where are we all headed? What is the pursuit worth?

Sitting in the Alley Cat Café in Fort Collins with my friend daniel, as he was planning a road trip home with a friend but canceling a ticket he gave the best advice, “Don’t ever buy a ticket home because you’ll never know when you will go home”. Live vivaciously with faith.

pain: draws us into a reality of the world. suffering brings us into awareness a personal crusade against the mundane: any career has the danger of monotonous. the challenge and creativity to get somewhere

To earn a photograph: there is a preciousness of a photograph

There are no shortcuts too joy in life, anything worth pursuing is going to require us to suffer just a little bit, that suffering adds value to your life and work, you give a piece of yourself and walk away with a sense of fulfillment /// joy in suffering

A poem. Hopeless

by Hope Curran

the boy with black hair

who never sees the sun

has left the house to go to subway.

dairy and wheat is all he will eat

as he walks slowly through the street

the weather is just how he likes it, gloomy and pale.

the bread on his sandwich is slightly stale

he lives alone, away and forlorn

never to speak aloud

the time goes by and he doesn’t know why

he’s here on this spinning sphere

all day long he longs for night

he tries to forget with all his might

that the world is made of light.

entangled in the strands of darkness

he finds no one in his likeness.

years of love forgotten

come knocking at his door

A tall and gangly girl

extending her hand with a smile sewn on

she says, “Hello, my name is Hope”

Shades of black

he thought could never turn back

turn to pastels and hues of spring

currently working on my definition of “peace”… I meet people all the time who portray a peaceful style or ideology but their reality is still at war. Why is that? I’ve started taking around my camera and interviewing strangers with the question, “what is your definition of peace?”… getting some deep and thought out answers- as well as some fluff.

“I dont want to take this pircure, but i HAVE TO TAKE THIS PICTURE.”


I love to travel, I love to help others, how can I “give my spot away” to locals in the places I go? I don’t inend on being the hero, through art how can I give ownership to other artists in need?

THE ART OF CELEBRATION: choosing joy amidst trial

on empathy :http://www.narrative4.com/mission-vision/

“the most radical art is not protest art but works that take us to another place, envision a new way of seeing, perhaps a different way of feeling”

“ freedom and love may be the most revolutionary ideas available to us”

  • Freedom Dreams

HOME: n: the place where one lives permanently, especially as a member of a family or household:

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