Thoughts on a Touchy Subject

Abortions should be legal and safe no matter the circumstance; rape, incest, teenage girl, mother of three who can’t handle another mouth to feed, young unmarried woman not ready to have a child, any circumstance.

Think of it this way. Do we tell skiers that when they break a leg skiing we won’t give them access to a certified doctor to get the care they need safely and efficiently? They knew beforehand that even when you’re being completely safe, breaking a leg sometimes happens when skiing, and therefore we shouldn’t help them?

An abortion is a medical procedure that save lives, reduces Medicaid spending and other programs that help low-income families, and saves children from growing up in a home where the resources may not be available to give them the care they need. (source)(source)(source) Those are the facts.

If you believe life begins at conception, I have absolutely no issue with that. It’s a perfectly valid way of thinking. And if you’re really opposed to abortion, don’t have one. Nobody is being forced to have an abortion. They will happen regardless of how safe and legal they are. (source)

I can’t make someone care about this issue the way I do, but I can provide the facts. Abortions are a safe alternative to a life altering occurrence. Let’s try and keep it that way.