Sex done right, is better than no sex at all, surely?
I once had a friend confide in me that he found Roman Showers to be something incredibly erotic.
Nicholas Barang

I have been in a D/s relationship for two years after a vanilla marriage of 33 years ended with the death of my spouse. We have experimented with many so called fetishes. I am bound and gagged. I am blindfolded. I am beaten. I have hot candle wax poured on me. And yes, I have experienced golden showers. I am controlled 24/7. I don’t choose what I wear, nor do I choose what I will eat. My Sir controls my orgasms. I love being controlled. My Sir’s need to control and Dominate are fed by my need to be his submissive. My need to be controlled as a submissive are fed by my Sir’s need to be my Dominant. It is a two way street. For me, this is “sex done right” compared to the 33 years in a vanilla marriage where any sexuality in me just died. If anything should ever happen to my relationship with my Dominant, I won’t have another relationship if it can not be in a D/s relationship. “Sex done right” is the only way of doing it for me. In our exploration of kinks, I have found many kinky ways to pleasure myself with absolutely no help at all from another person. 😏

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