We live in a solution-centric society that glorifies disruptive technology and products alike, but how do we create products without first understanding the structures that shape our identities such as culture and power?

From 2D to 4D Storytelling

Ever wonder what a typical day is like for a homeless man in Atlanta? Or what it’s like for minority students in a K-12 classroom today? For years creatives have used data and personal recollections to tell stories through traditional mediums such as theatre, art, and writing. …

What does it really mean to be ‘intentional’? In layman’s terms, living intentionally is a commitment to doing things with purpose. However when put into practice, are the steps comparable from person to person? Is success measured the same way for me as it is for you? Certainly not. Why? Because our definition of intent is relative to who we are and what we know up to this point.

Flashback to 2014 when I was looking for a full-time role, my definition of intentional job hunting was casting my net wide and applying to numerous jobs. As I applied, I…

So, I’ve noticed a trend in my Sundays…

  1. Come home from service around 1pm feeling inspired and filled.
  2. Stuff my face since breakfast is usually only a delicacy.
  3. Reflect on the day’s message and spend 1–2 hours writing in my journal and dissecting the scripture.

I have found myself in this cycle for a countless number of weeks. Possibly because of the space that I am in right now. A space of new beginnings. Starting grad school, moving into a new home, new friends, new faces, new memories. These sessions of self-awareness are always so….peaceful, delicate, and eye opening. However…

Hope Idaewor

Cultural/VR Research. Design. Lifestyle. @GeorgiaTech

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