3 Weeks Clean

Today is a big day for me! It is the longest period of time I have gone without having chemo injected in to me since January the 6th! Normally i’d have been back in the hospital all day today and in the Cotton Rooms now. Can’t tell you how AMAZING it is to not be!

This milestone has not been all laughs though, I assure you! This morning started with so much disappointment when I woke up and was still bald! I was told that it takes 3 weeks to get the chemo out of your system, therefore hair starts growing back then, so when people have asked me when my hair should start growing back, I found myself answering the question by saying Tuesday! As if I thought that by magic, my hair follicles were all going to simultaneously resurrect and produce a new full head of hair for me as soon as the clock struck 12! But alas, nothing….. NADA.

Besides the hair though, I am looking forward to all the horrible side effects to start wearing off and my body returning to its normal self. One which is killing me at the moment is hot flushes. The back of my head and neck just suddenly becomes burning hot, wet with sweat before it spreads everywhere and I am burning hot. Finally got some sympathy for my mum and her hot flushes now. Apologies mother for sharing that information.

Since my hospitalisation I have been taking it nice and easy. I mean, it wasn’t exactly one hectic party before hospital but dad’s got a close eye on me now. Strict rules reapplied! I broke out in a spontaneous dance the other morning in the living room and even that was deemed too strenuous and is forbidden!

I am now in the process of having my radiotherapy planned and part of that planning involved me being referred to the Eastman Dental Hospital to have a check up. This is because of where the radio will be targeting, back of head and neck, it could affect nerves and glands which could make dental work complicated so was a check to see if there was anything that looked like it may one day cause a problem and they would have death with it before I start. The nice dentist explained to me that the nerves damaged could mean that if I needed any teeth removed in the future, it could cause death to the bone…. You can imagine my relief when she added ‘to the bone’ after ‘could cause death’! Luckily, all was fine, which is a first for a long time! Next stage is appointment on Monday to have my mask made.

I wonder if you get to keep it?!

Quote of the day today- I was out for lunch with my cousin and we were talking about my recent throat infection and ending up in hospital and was discussing how I should take my health more seriously, I told her how on that night that I got a temperature, I really didn’t want to acknowledge that my temperature had gone way above 38 and if it wasn’t for my mum coming in to check on me i’d have tried to pretend it wasn’t happening and go back to sleep. I said ‘I’m so glad I didn’t do that, I could’ve woken up dead’. Lynsey then reminded me that you don’t wake up if you’re dead. Chemo brain!



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