5 O’Clock Shadow

Long time, no blog guys! I’ve been busy! Been busy trying to make my hair grow, busy watching Nashville and busy celebrating my mums month long 50th birthday. Milking it… She has really stolen the lime light off of me the past 2 weeks. Not sure how I feel about that.

I’ve been really enjoying my break from treatment and feeling 100% myself again. Although it is no good for my waist line as i’ve been out doing lots of eating and probably a little too much drinkng. But it is not everyday you finish chemo and have your mum turn 50 so celebrating was defnitely in order. She has been appropriately spoilt by me, Nancy and Phil. As have the rest of the family and all of her lovely friends spoilt her too. She’s a very lucky lady, but then so am I to have her as my mum.

Things are looking up a little on the hair front. After some serious pep talks in the mirror and some scalp massaging, there is life back on my head! After getting annoyed at my mum and dad for patronisingly inspecting my head every night and humouring me with their encouraging lies I decided to take matters into my own hands and start taking progress pictures and there is definitely a cheeky hair or two floating around up there. As for my eyebrows, well you just try and stop them! They going places, ain’t no-one getting in their way. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I have stubble for eyebrows but more are appearing everyday and it has dramatically helped me when getting ready as I no longer have to free hand draw them on, i’ve got a bit of shape to follow. Drawing has never been a skill of mine! I had a bit of an epiphany regarding the eye-brows the other day, now that I have a second chance with them, i’ll never make the mistake of over plucking like we all did back in the day and they could potentially grow back like Cara Delevignes! If they do, then quite frankly, it’s all been worth it!

Saturday we had a great day at my mums suprise birthday lunch with all her girlfriends, sisters, nieces and daughters. Nancy had done all the organising with the help of my cousin Lynsey. When she started organising this a few months ago I decided it was as good a time as any to play the cancer card as I just really was not feeling the whole event planning role. It’s probably good I did though, because she did a great job, better than I ever could. Although, a couple of weeks before, I started panicking that when Tracy was all pleased and grateful for the effort, I wouldn’t be able to take any credit, so when Nancy suggested some birthday decorations for the restaurant, I claimed that task to really put my stamp on the day! Well, I didn’t do so good, it was a table of 24 and the bunting I bought just about covered 3 people.

Organisers xx

Last Tuesday I had another CT scan (hot flush inducing dye injection and all, lucky me!) , to check up on the lungs. I am seeing Proffessor Whelan on Tuesday to get results for that and for a general catch up. No doubt he is dying to hear all about Tracy’s birthday celebrations and all the latest gossip from Essex!

8 days to go until I start radiotherapy! Can’t wait to get started now. I am so intrigued and curious as to what it will be like! I hope it is kind to me.