For One Blog Only

After my somewhat ominous post on facebook about ‘life throwing you lemons’, I got a lot of messages asking me if everything was ok and whether I had had results back from scans etc. So I decided to do a one off blog to let everyone know, and as it isn’t the greatest of news it didn’t seem appropriate to put it on a facebook status as would leave people with that awkward feeling of whether they should press like or not….. And I live for likes so it was not a risk I was willing to take.

The words are not flowing as easy as I had planned when delivering the news of my post treatment scans as in my head I had only day dreamed of giving good news. Damn my positive mindset leaving me at a loss for words.

Anyway here’s the latest on ‘my journey’ (f*ck sake, back to that old cheesy expression)…. I had an MRI scan of the head and neck last monday and was due to see Professor Whelan today with the results, however I got a call from him Friday to tell me that there was something showing on the scans which was a cause for concern and that I would need to go for an ultrasound and a biopsy this morning before going to see him. Way to ruin my weekend Whelan! So this morning, went for the ultrasound, saw the new lump, had the biopsy, then we went upstairs to professor Whelan where he told us that he is almost certain it is a reoccurrence of Sarcoma! All i’m hearing is problems Pro Whelan, come to me with solutions!

Next step is to have the results of the biopsy next week but in the meantime professor Whelan will be proceeding as if it is what we think it is and discussing my infamous shitty neck with my last surgeon and his team about another operation and also looking at whether it is possible to have more radiotherapy.

I am feeling surprisingly ok with the news. I had sort of known it was going to be the case ever since the phone call on friday so have had a few days to process the whole thing and my biggest worry was the idea of being told I have to have chemo again and at the moment I am being told I do not! So a massive Woop Woop to that!

Positives I am taking from all this;

  • No chemo, get to keep my hair!
  • Things had massively dried up on the presents front, already back in action there!
  • I can spend the for-seeable future eating whatever I want justifying it all with the likelihood of losing the ability to eat again after radiotherapy
  • The doctor who did my biopsy today said, and I quote ‘You are the coolest and bravest patient I have ever met’… I try Doc, I try!