Half Way There

Round 3, day 1 complete. Back in the cotton rooms writing this after a long day at the cancer centre (and a brief visit to the pub). We again had an appointment with a Dr Sophia rather than Professor Whelan! No offence Soph babes, but starting to take it personally that Whelan’s not interested in seeing me! Although the next time i’m due in for an appointment before chemo, i’d have had a CT and MRI scan to find out where we are at with everything. Obviously all will be good and no doubt me and Prof will be poppin’ bottles, celebrating in 3 weeks time so I’ll let him off. Dr Sophia was very happy with everything though, said it all seems to be going really well. She also complimented my outfit… Just sayin’

So day one went as all the other day one’s have gone so far. God, i’m getting boring in my cancer age! So routine, need to shake things up a little bit.

We had an appointment with the doctor, then a quick meeting with Ali the drug dealer, then sent away for an hour and a half whilst waiting for the chemo to be ready, naturally we met my aunt Simone and uncle Paul for a pub lunch and then back to get started in the chair by half 1.

I say half way there but once chemo is done I then have to start on radiotherapy which is every weekday for 6 weeks! Every weekday for 6 weeks!!! Long! But there is a 4–6 week break between chemo and radio so plenty of time to celebrate my chemo freedom!

Anyway, so chemo today finished at half 5, just in time for the usual chemo tuesday ritual of visits from my lovely work friends. We went to my every 3rd tuesday local now and had a couple of drinks. James turned up after a long client lunch, so was basically the hired entertainment for the night. Did lots of his irish accent jokes and was literally high fiving his fellow irishman Jon on every single thing Jon said so i’m guessing he was feeling pretty patriotic tonight. Jon liked to make me feel embarrassed for wearing a beanie hat in a pub when it was quite hot knowing full well I was having wig hair-line issues! But no one embarrassed me for my backpack so you win some you lose some I guess! Everyone eventually left, and then I left Greenie and James there. But Greenie fancies James no doubt, so would’ve been grateful for the alone time. That is you all up to date on the office politics so moving on!

Captured making some ‘genius’ notes

Today, whilst in the chair I was visited by the Colbert siblings. Lillie and Olly. Olly who has been through all this and got the t-shirt, sweatshirt and baseball cap when it comes to this ball game. And while it was lovely to see them, he deprived me of love and affection!! I leaned in for a kiss and a cuddle and got turned away…. and as if that wasn’t a big enough kick in the teeth, he didn’t let his sister kiss or cuddle me either! I assured him that what I have is NOT contagious! He assured me it is for my own own good and to keep me germ free, something he was very very conscious of when going through chemo himself. Lillie refers to him as being like Hitler when it comes to all this, I prefer to see him more as a God. Tracy says ‘Hope, drink your green juice’ she gets ignored. Olly ‘Hope, drink it, you need it’, the juice is gone, I downed that sh*t immediately. Praise the Olly. Meanwhile, Lillie turns up claiming she was mugged of her Sainbury’s bag of treats for me (she left it on the train), so she went to Planet Organic and bought in a pancake for me. I chose not to eat it, but Nancy who is about 6 days in to being a vegetarian said it tasted like dirty dish water. Luckily, she is the the funniest person I know so she could bring me the most dirty dish watery pancake ever and I’ll still love her.

As I had mentioned before in a previous blog, and anyone who knows her or follows her on any social media will know, Nancy is a selfie queen. She went along to the Cotton Rooms to check in for us and put our bags in the room. She came back not mentioning whether it was a nice room or not, or whether mum got lucky and we got a double bed or if I was lucky and it was twins, but only of how great the lighting was in there for a selfie and how gutted she was that she didn’t have her phone with her. Keeping it real. She also came back speaking of a friend she had made on her journey back from the hotel to the hospital, it was a man called Bill who was 70+, getting chemo on the oldies floor below. ‘I loooooove him’ was what she said of him. I say the oldies floor, but that 25 year old who is now out the age bracket for MY floor was there again today so no doubt Bill and his crew could be joining me on my floor tomorrow. What with all this rule bending!

With lots of people asking for more details on the 1st of March, the fundraiser which has been organised by Nancy, Abby and Joel. Here are all the details!

I’ve had a lovely day personally, considering the circumstances. Actually, not considering! I’ve been surrounded by loving family and some great friends, in whatever circumstance, it is sometimes all you need. CRINGE.



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