I Love My Mum

Hope Joy Stringer
Mar 16, 2015 · 3 min read

Another round of chemo in the bag. 4 down, only 2 to go. I spent the last 2 and a half days in bed in and out of sleep and watching a ridiculous amount of Netflix, which is pretty standard post-chemo behaviour, however this time I felt much better than the previous rounds! I expected to suffer more as each round goes on but apparently not. Was still extremely weak and couldn’t stand up or walk anywhere without feeling dizzy but there was barely any nausea at all this time. Normally I take 5 different types of anti-sickness pills morning, lunch and night and this time I only needed them in the mornings!

There is a bit of a joke in the family about me being made of stone. As i’m not particularly cuddly or that I don’t cry a lot. As mums do when their children are not well, my mum has always offered to sleep in our beds with us if we were ill. Nancy would always take her up on the offer, where as i’d politely decline, explaining that nothing would be achieved by that so there was really no point. Obviously a very practical thinker me. Anyway, when I first found out the cancer news, poor Trace was certain this was her ticket in and that i’d let her into my bed for comfort…. Nah-uh the answer was still no thank you. She took the knock backs well, as she always had and didn’t make a fuss. In the few days after each chemo session when I am bed bound, she comes in and out throughout the day, checking on me and watering me etc. The times which I am conscious and we engage in conversation, she slowly step by step worms her way in for a cuddle. First by sitting on the very edge of the bed which I turn a blind eye to then before I know it, i’ve been laying there moaning about someone for 10 minutes and she’s full on laying in bed next to me. I give her an affectionate pat on the head and then send her on her way.

She must have caught me at a weak moment, in a drugged haze on saturday night. As she came upstairs to go to bed she asked me into her room to watch TV in there. Exploiting the fact that i’d jump at the opportunity for a change of scenery. Next thing I know, its 5 am and i’d slept in there with her. She did it! Looking happy and content as she slept, I knew i’d just given her the best Mother’s Day present…. and that I could now return her actual gift and get a refund. Everyone’s a winner.

Jokes aside, my mum is my best friend and I don’t know what i’d do without her. I love her and completely admire her. Even though she today refferred to me firstly as Kojak and then later as Matt Lucas.

As usual, by Sunday I was up on my feet again. I wasn’t feeling up to a visit to the pub so sent Tracy & Phil on their own whilst Nancy & I stayed at home. As it was Mothers day and i’m not well/ cannot cook a roast yet, Dad cooked. It was delicious! Nancy the vegetarian enjoyed some Quorn sausages. Mum took some cheap shots at dad and his almost raw parsnips. When we were all done, Tracy stood up and walked into the living room saying that the best thing about Mothers Day is not having to do any clearing up. I followed her in, laid on the sofa and said that the best thing about cancer is not having to do any of the clearing up. Nancy tried to join in by saying that the best thing about marathon training is…. Nice try love.

Happy Monday everyone.



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