Life post-chemo so far has felt nice. It feels like I have a new sense of freedom. Plus, thanks to the blood transfusion, the few days after were not as bad as what they have been so no complaints there.

Sunday was marathon day, and as my sister took part which I am very proud of, it meant that my family were deserting me for the day. I was weak and vulnerable and they all just left. Luckily my cousin Lynsey kindly came round to take care of me and feed me. She arrived at 9am with a picnic basket of food for the day, including some of my most favourite treats and 3 films for us to watch. Once Tracy and Phil left for the day, Lynsey cooked us our breakfast and the movie and food marathon began.

Team Nancy xx

As I was just at home for the day, seeing no one other than Lynsey, I hadn’t bothered with the eyebrows, wig or even a headscarf. When we sat down to eat the delicious lunch Lynsey cooked, we were having a nice chat and a glass of wine at the table and the conversation of me and cancer came up when Lynsey sarcastically remarked ‘You’d never know, just by looking at you’. Which sitting there bald, eyebrow and eyelash-less, meant I was looking every part the cancer patient. Was very funny, we laughed and laughed.

The dreams of being away from the cancer centre were short lived as I had another appointment there Monday morning. I was a very unhappy patient when I had to get up early and get in the car for another journey to the hospital. I think Phil and Tracy would both second that I was not my most pleasant self that day. The appointment was to meet the doctor who plans my radiotherapy treatment. She was lovely but she did burst my bubble of my radiotherapy being a walk in the park. Because of the area being treated, there are all sorts of nerves and glands which may be affected and damaged by it so I may experience some unpleasant and annoying side effects. But on the bright side, that will not start for another 5 weeks, so other than a few appointments to get things in order for the start date, I have a nice long break to recuperate.

Apparently there was some confusion following my last blog. Some people thought that it was my last one ever as chemo is finished. That must have been a dark day for those who thought that! Nope, sorry. Can’t get rid of me that easily. I still have soooo much to tell you guys!