Round 2, Day 1

This is coming live from the chemo chair. It’s happy hour here and I am plugged into both of my chemo drugs as we speak. Been pretty uneventful again apart from my visit from Lillie, who thought it appropriate to bring my mum and dad chocolate and nothing for me. Refer to the rule book Lillie, always stick to the rule book! So far, on the little music player they have, one direction has been played and so has Taylor, so chemo or not, I am in my element.

I came here feeling optimistic I may make some friends today. Now that I no longer have that smug look on my face which my hair probably put there last time. But nope, nothing! As I sit here, glaring at the new girl with all her hair, I now know the feeling. All smug and pretty! I guess it’s true what they say ‘ There will always be someone with more hair than you’… Or something like that anyway.

We had our appointment with an oncologist, not professor Whelan though. He obviously had better things to do than see me. What?! Then all we had to do was wait to see the pharmacist for a new batch of pills and he organises the chemo too. His name is Ali and mum refers to him as Ali the drug dealer. Grow up Trace! It all seemed to go fairly quicker today than it did 3 weeks ago, much less waiting around which was good and I was ready to leave there by 4.30, just in time for the first of my colleague friend to visit. We walked just around the corner to a pub (which is very allowed by the way! Checked with the nurse of course) to meet the others. I decided to take advantage of the whole point of having this backpack. The point is so that you can sort of be an out-patient and have your independence. So independently, we walked round to the pub and waited to be joined by some lovely others and my sister. We had a nice dinner and a catch up. Where I am drinking lots of water, especially while the chemo is being administered, I obviously need to do a wee a lot! In case any of you were unaware of how the human body worked! Anyway, when I needed to go, I was feeling a bit conscious of getting up and walking to the toilet with a back-pack on, when I finally got the courage and stood up James shouts ‘You could just carry your tampon in your pocket!’. LOVE that!

Great story for you! So when my dad walked round to Cotton Rooms (The NHS hotel for patients being treated at UCLH) to check us in he was sitting in the reception, waiting his turn, when the lady and son in front of him were asking the receptionist to call them a taxi to go back to Essex. When asked whereabouts, and the answer was Brentwood, my dads ears pricked up. When the lady gave her post-code and was just 1 letter different to ours, my dad took it upon himself to get talking as her son was in my age bracket so it must be cancer boy from round the corner!!! I found him! Well my dad did. I can’t believe I missed him by a day. We could’ve pushed our single beds together and spooned, while our backpacks bonded. But alas, not this time. I have his address now tough, I will find you and you will love me…..

The last bit of the above was very tongue in cheek, I feel the need to clarify that. Obviously I am not a psycho looking for love and above all, it would be physically impossible to position ourselves and the back-packs to spoon one another. Absolutely ridiculous suggestion!

I didn’t take any pictures today but I did come across this which will brighten up the post a little.


Thank you to all my wonderful visitors today who brightened my day and helped me find the humour. Thank you to the beautiful Adriana for my lovely and thoughtful gifts. And a continuous thank you to everyone for the love and positivity which I know will see me through, especially my mum, dad and sister. Thats Trace, Phil and Nanc to you!



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