My week has been an emotional roller-coaster. Lots of ups & downs. What with Zayns shock departure from One Direction being one of the low points. Saying he left as he felt he needed to live a normal life, a reason I could come to terms with, he then gets photographed in a recording studio, obviously pursuing a solo career already! Devastating news, I just really feel like I cannot catch a break at the moment!

However, as they say ‘things can only get better’, and they did. On thursday, I had to go to the hospital for a heart and kidney scan. If you want to get technical, a GFR test for the kidneys and a MUGA for the heart. These were routine to check that the chemo hasn't damaged either of them. I told them it is not the chemo they need to worry about damaging my heart but the tragic turn of events for One Direction. That shit’s heart breaking. Anyway, these tests mean a really long day at the hospital as the GFR basically entails injecting a dye, taking a blood sample, then injecting again and then one more blood sample but you have to leave a couple of hours in between each time so lots of waiting around and being thrown to and from. I haven’t yet had any results from these but I think you just assume all is ok unless you hear otherwise.

Friday was the day of the charity dinner I had previously mentioned. Nancy, Lillie, Alex & Sam all had the day off work which was delightful so we all met for lunch and then got ready together. The event itself was such a success and my cousin Bethany and her 4 uni friends did such a great job and organised a brilliant night. Apart from how much fun I had, an amazing £13,066.00 was raised for Sarcoma UK!! They did great. Thank you to everyone who came and showed their support. And a big thank you to the very generous table of my friends from work who bid on nearly everything and were massive contributors to the grand total raised. Not to mention getting me on the Prada bag ladder ☺ Once again, I felt overwhelmed with everyones love and kindness.

The organisers xxx

As after the last charity event I threw my brat like tantrum when I had to leave before everyone else, I had had a chat with Tracy & Phil a couple of days prior to this one and just gently suggested that if they wanted to avoid a repeat of last time, then we leave when I want to leave. Phil was absolutely fine with this as he was much more relaxed about this event than the last one due to venue and and the nature of the night. So he asked me what time the event was due to finish, I told him 1am so he booked a cab for this time. On the night, the DJ announced early on in the night that he was there through ‘till 1.30 am. Within seconds Dad was behind me saying ‘I think I made a mistake love, I booked the cab for 1’. Luckily I was feeling reasonable at the time and accepted it was my error and kept my cool. By half 12 that evening, I was asking him where the cab was. I was very tired!

Friday was also the debut for my new blonde wig. It was a massive hit with everyone, apart from the odd one or two critiques. But you know, haters gonna hate! I was a little unsure of it myself at first as I was worried it was too sophisticated for my personality but then decided that it was better to look sophisticated whilst being unsophisticated than to be neither at all! Excellent logic on my behalf.

Saturday I woke up feeling slightly worse for wear but with chemo tuesday quickly approaching, I do not like to waste a minute of my ‘best’ weekend. The weekend before chemo is my ‘best’ weekend as is the best I will feel during the 3 week cycle. So I got up and got out and took my cousin Bethany out for lunch to say thanks for organising a great night and my other cousin Alice came along too with lots of ‘Oh my goddddaaaa’ stories from the events of her night in Faces. Was very amusing. After lunch I popped in to see Lillie for a cup of tea, she was extremely hungover and wasn’t coping too well. I then went to Alex’s and we went over every detail and bit of gossip from the night before, then had a take-away and then watched a crappy film and ate a load of chocolate.

That brings us to today, Sunday. You’re all probably thinking you can just stop reading now as you know the rest. Stringer Sunday bla bla bla. Nope, not today. Traditions were broken and we went our separate ways for the day. I think my mum and dad are getting bored of me. They went out for a roast with their friends and I had plans with Nancy, Lillie and their boyfriends Alex and Dave. Life as a 5th wheel. Luckily the table was an oval shape so you couldn’t really who tell who belonged with who so I didn’t look like the tag along.

Tomorrow I will be in all day waiting for the district nurses to come and take my pre chemo bloods ahead of round 5 on tuesday! After a long weekend of over-indulging in lots of delicious food, I am looking forward to my 4 day weight-loss chemo detox coming up… Where the chemo makes me too nauseous to eat for a few days!