Mrs. Littlefield’s Last Lesson

By Hope K

Hello, students. Today we’re going to talk about false flags.

Our country, the United States, and other countries, too, have a long history of false flags. Basically, a false flag is when one country blames another for what itself did.

You’ve probably heard that freedom-hating Arabic terrorists were responsible for the mass murder on September 11, 2001, or 9–11, as we informally call it. First of all, what is the phone number you call when you’re scared and something bad is happening?


That is correct. Very good. It is my personal opinion that our government picked out that day on purpose. It’s all about fear.

False flags have happened throughout history and still occur to this day. Hitler burned down Germany’s parliament building and blamed it on the Communists so he could get rid of them. In the 1960s, the US claimed that Vietnam attacked one of its ships in the Gulf of Tonkin in order to escalate the Vietnam War, even though it didn’t really happen.

Today we’re going to discuss some of the characteristics of false flags, using 9–11 as an example.

First, false flags are often conducted around the same time as security drills. This adds to the confusion. Is it real? Is it not? Who knows! The military and the department of defense had several drills planned for that day.

Secondly, false flags are usually dramatic. Three skyscrapers in the middle of New York City collapsed. A very shocking thing!

Yes, Jenny. Three buildings fell, not two. We’ll get to that later.

Third, media saturation. For weeks every news outlet reported on the event, showing the burning towers over and over and over.

Fourth, the suspect is usually identified quickly. Often, they even leave their identification at the scene of the crime. Investigators found two perfectly intact passports and a visa from the men who hijacked the planes, even though those planes exploded and burned up.

Fifth, the evidence is often destroyed. In the case of the World Trade Center buildings, the debris from the buildings was bulldozed up and sold to China.

Yes, Timmy. That included body parts of the deceased.

OK, moving on to the sixth point, social control. False flags are usually conducted in order to get the populace to agree to something they normally wouldn’t want. In the case of 9–11, that was war in the Middle East and the passage of the Patriot Act, which conflicted with our Constitution and Bill of Rights. Now your computers and TVs watch you in your home — that includes the laptops the school issues to you — and all your private information is stored in giant warehouses just waiting to be used against you.

Yes, Robby. It’s really true.

Going on to number seven, doesn’t make sense. This is where your question comes in, Jenny. The official story is that two planes flew into each of the towers that freefell into their own footprints, which looked suspiciously like a controlled demolition. But let me tell you something. Another building in that cluster collapsed. They call it Building Seven. How do two planes completely destroy three steel skyscrapers?

Crackling noise of the intercom.

“Mrs. Littlefield?”


“You’re needed in Mr. Brown’s office immediately.”

OK. Kids, remember that time I told you Walt Whitman was gay?


Well, they almost fired me for that. I’m pretty sure they’re going to do it now. Number eight is the powerful profit. Wars are always for profit. They did this to create a reason for war. Also, look up September 11 attacks and Larry Silverstein but not on your school laptops. Tell everyone about this! I love you guys!