Stop the Shite, Reclaim the Night
Jo Bartosch

(This isn’t from me, but a response to my comment on myfacebook page. And thought it made some good points.)

I think the main problem with this article is it uses the example of a student led march, and we know by now about the brainwashing of students in universities as though this is what all marches are.
 In fact there were / are a number of marches organised by local rape crisis centres, not just to raise awareness but to try and raise much needed funds. I’ve seen video of 2 local RtN marches where maybe only 10 to 20 women took part. They didn’t allow making some cheap point against student feminists to stop them making a stand.
 What is sad is so few women supporting them. You can bet they took calls from more than 20 women during the year.
 Please dont use the hyper woke politics of students as a reason to not support women locally. If a few more keyboard feminists enacted what they are prepared to type they could not only help local Rape Crisis centres, but also provide a supportive network for women students who want refuge from the queer fanatics at the university they are attending.