Hello world!

I realized that I have never really been updating about myself since I started blogging at Medium.

Since one of my new goals in life is to document life experiences,and joyful moments in life, I think it’s best to start putting down my life happenings now.

We may only be approaching middle of the year, but I already felt like I’ve had quite a journey.

Let’s ride the journey called Life. ☺

Random experiences as of May 2015:

  1. I moved on from my dream job in November 2014, to a job I thought seemed fit but turned out otherwise, and am currently quite anticipating a whole new journey with a new role.
  2. I now know more about myself — my shortcomings, what keeps me driven, and how most of the time, it’s all just in my head.
    It’s high time to get out and start living, instead of being all pertubed with my own thoughts.
  3. I’ll be turning 25 years, the quarter of a century, in 11 Days time.
    And for the first time ever, I’m not as eagerly awaiting it to happen.
    Does this ‘anticipation for all things sugary great’ that comes with your birthday wear off as you get older?
    What I know now is, at 25, (with no intention to brag whatsoever), I consider myself as having gone through my share of tough experiences. And there is nothing I want more now than to strengthen myself and build up my career.
  4. Being single seems like a good thing, after all.
    Those who are close to me know me as the person who feels too much, someone who falls hard over crushes, and takes forever to recover from a heartbreak. I even have a song for every heart-wrenching crush, goddamnit.
    Though having someone special in my life right now will be great, but getting my life path straight is even better. And what will happen, will happen. No rush.
“What’s meant to be, will always find its way.”

Remaining hopeful till the next post. ☺ Toodles!

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