Another 5* REVIEW for ‘The Pro-Life Apologetics Manual’

Stagnaro gives a loving and logical response to the tragedy of abortion. Dealing with 119 myths invoked in its support, from complex arguments rooted in medicine, ethics and jurisprudence to sheer urban legend, he decisively refutes the ‘pro-choice’ manifesto. Substantial medical research is drawn upon, proving the beginning of human life at conception and the medical risks of abortion to the mother as well as the child detailed convincingly. The terrible phenomenon of sex-selective abortion, in which so many female babies are disposed of with chilling demographic effects, receives merited observation as does the grisly reality of what actually goes in abortion clinics. The author is not afraid to tackle sensitive cases, such as the small minority of abortions in which children have been conceived through rape and incest, aiming at genuine compassion for all concerned.

No quarter is given to moral and logical fallacies, which are often dealt with, with a tough New York wit (my favourite example being his response to the myth “You are against abortion because you cannot get pregnant: Those who support abortion have already been born,” p. 49). The advocacy of artificial contraception as an alternative to abortion is shown to have no bearing in reality, the example of New York City among other areas being shown. What is needed is a Christian humanism, in which human life from conception to death is regarded as a sacred and inviolable gift to be embraced. Stagnaro also notes the dangers of genetically engineered ‘designer babies,’ with those who do not make the grade being dispensable. He understands that many of the arguments for abortion can and have been used to defend infanticide and many other horrors that even most pro-choice people would wish to avoid. Those who wish to fight for an authentic culture of life have a sword and shield in this book.

Christopher Villiers, Catholic theologian and poet.

Originally published at on August 24, 2017.