BOOK REVIEW: The Pro-Life Apologetics Manual by Angelo Stagnaro

Book review by Brian Kiczek, D.C., co-founder of the End of Abortion Movement.

My End of Abortion Movement Members, everyday we move a step closer to the end of these scourges on the world. The reason we move closer is because so many people are praying and working to end abortion that it will come soon and we will all see it. We have many obstacles to overcome and with Our Lord Jesus and Our Mother’s help we will obtain this great miracle. Today I would like to share with you an amazing book that will help us to end abortion. Angelo Stagnaro’s book is called the Pro Life Apologetics Manual and gives you well over 100 answers to common Pro Death Myths or pseudo arguments used to defend abortion. Each myth, as he calls them, is soundly and effectively rebutted using basic logic. One of the themes, besides answering all these myths soundly and decisively, is that when you depart from God you also depart from logic and sound thinking. You lose it basically.

This book is perfect for anyone ready to defend life and also those on the fence regarding abortion and also anyone open to the truth. After reading this book you will have “go to” answers for any ProAbortion myth you come across and will be able to effectively answer anyone. May the whole world read this amazing book and become logically, firmly, ProLife! Here are my ten favorite quotes from this wonderful book:

Logic can only be denied at the risk of one’s mental health and the loss of one’s soul.

The path to goodness lies in Logic/Wisdom, The path to Logic/Wisdom lies in goodness. They are united in a inextricable manner.

Bad feelings led to bad thoughts and bad thoughts lead to bad actions and bad actions lead to self destruction.

It is impossible to grow in sanctity if you are promiscuous.

Women need to have the support of a culture and society to help them when they decide to have a child.

Abortion is never the answer because death is never the answer. There has never been, nor will there ever be a time, when abortion is accepted by the Church.

It is impossible to be a believer and accept abortion as a moral option.

You have no right to anything if you refuse to give that right to others.

Pro abortionist are more likely than not also pro euthanasia. When you seek the death of others, you are not necessarily picky as how you get it.

It is impossible to defeat an ignorant man in argument~William McAdoo

Get this amazing book today and be prepared to defend Life Always!

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