EARLY REVIEW — 2: Who Are You? What is Your Faith? America’s 21st Century Alt-Right and Catholic Social Doctrine

I am not an avid reader of politics and party-line views, however, this book struck me emotionally to the core. Who Are You? What is Your Faith?America’s 21st Century Alt-Right and Catholic Social Doctrine looks back at historical accounts of racist incidents and violence that reopen debate about issues of race and racism in modern-day America. Although, the basis of the American principles is on racial equality, liberty and justice for all, readers experience a dilemma between party-line views versus Christian upbringing, in particular Catholicism. The American people of faith draw the line bounded by devotion to politicians and ignore the rights of aliens (including illegal aliens), refugees, the LGBT community, and women’s equality by following an American candidate who completely contradicts their own moral judgments.

Who Are You? What is Your Faith? is a straightforward book that glimpses into the alt-right perspectives and provides a hard look into ourselves. I will admit, it was difficult to read about discrimination and the circumstances surrounding each recorded file, especially the details of racist homicides and slurs. The book awakens its readers to comprehend the facts upfront and to draw out a decisive outcome of the future, both as a country and as Catholics.

The author, Marcelle Bartolo-Abela, has magnificently presented the bottom line of America’s 21st century alt-right and Catholic Social Doctrine by utilizing true data and quotes, plus revealing the legitimacy of the laws of the land based on the US Constitution. I liked this book; it was well-written and is a thought-out book. Readers interested in political viewpoints and who are into the social science of politics and religion, this is the book to read ~ Hadel S. Ma’ayeh, Huffington Post Passionista, author of From the Heart: A Journey of Love.