Meditations of Middle Age by Christopher Villiers

What right have you to be young and happy?

Sprawled on a bench with your goofy girlfriend?

Your face creviced with a smile so sappy,

Oh wretched teenager, when will it end?

Youth was frustration and thick spectacles

For me — why not for you — please spare me, please

Your unleashing amorous tentacles

In public view, I could catch some disease.

Yes I am jealous. My urge-hopes stuffed

Dead as an extinct curiosity,

I was a coward so I huffed and puffed

Till life withdrew its generosity.

If I’d been braver I’d have had my turn,

If I’d been less shy that could have been me,

Get into the shade or you’ll catch sunburn,

Try to forget beneath a cool tree.

© Christopher Villiers

Author - Sonnets From the Spirit, Petals of Vision