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Five stars! Loved it!! Waiting for the next book!
This is one of those novels I will always remember and that made me the richer for having read it. Thank you, Tim Capps, you touched my soul.
The ending….. “Wait, what!?!?” A great read, with fascinating twists. Waiting for the next volume in the series.
Verdict: More, please! Loved this book. Most unusual mixture of genres, to quite delightful effect. The author has a great writing style and I’m hoping that he has more than one novel up his sleeve.
Book of the Year! I loved it because it had redheads, Ginger Rogers, St. Thomas Aquinas and lawyers, guns and money. Tim Capps is notoriously funny and I was spellbound throughout. This is a major breakthrough in literary achievement. As an added bonus, the spelling and grammar were excellent, too.
I loved this book. It was funny, thought provoking and tragic, which is a lot to ask from one book. Can’t wait for the next installment.

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Originally published at on July 27, 2017.

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