More 5* REVIEWS of ‘Petals of Vision’ by British Catholic theologian Christopher Villiers

A deeper journey. I have found Christopher’s poetry so moving, it takes one on a deeper journey. His ability to dig deep into our human condition is unnerving. I feel his poetry physically, his description of wanting or anxiety clenches my stomach, causes my heart to yearn. He is a talent that deserves your time.
Highly recommend. Touching and beautiful volume of poetry. The poems are personal and easily speak to one’s heart and experiences. Really enjoyed the volume (read it over two days) and already looking forward to Christopher’s next one.
A wonderful collection with a rich variety of subject matter. The poems on love lost and/or betrayed come straight from the heart, while the humorous verses show a mastery of subtle wordplay. Villiers is a poet with a soul, a conscience, and a distinctive poetic voice. Highly recommend.

Originally published at on August 23, 2017.