More books forthcoming by the Italian-American author Angelo Stagnaro

Hope and Life Press (HLP) is proud to announce that more books shall be forthcoming later this year and early next year from the National Catholic Register writer and Catholic News Services NYC chief correspondent Angelo Stagnaro. The books are as follows:

  1. Forty Italian Rustic Dishes: A Christmas Cookbook for Catholics. This is the second volume in the Cookbooks for Catholics series;
  2. There’s a Saint for That: A Modern, Almost Irreverent, Guide to Christian Saints, Angels, Mystics, and Martyrs. This is the companion to the book A Modern Sinner’s Guide for the Third Millennium referenced below; and
  3. The second edition of Our Daily Bread: A Lenten Meatless Cookbook for Catholics. This is the first volume in the Cookbooks for Catholics series.

All three books have been granted the Nihil Obstat and Imprimatur by the Diocese of Brooklyn.

We would like to remind our readers that the first HLP release of Stagnaro’s works is going to be Ten Rules of Life: An Exploration of Nguyen Van Thuan’s Life Philosophy, which is forthcoming shortly. The book has a Foreward written by Peter, Cardinal Turkson and an Introduction written by Elizabeth Nguyen Thi Thu Hong. Ten Rules of Life will be released in the English and Vietnamese languages. It has been granted the Imprimatur from the Diocese of Brooklyn and will be released in paperback and ebook editions.

Later this year, HLP shall also be releasing in paperback and ebook editions A Modern Sinner’s Guide for the Third Millennium, with Imprimatur from the Archdiocese of New York. This will be followed by the paperback edition of the illustrated novel for children titled Clever Daniel the Dragon-Slayer.