Hope and Life Press is pleased to announce the release of the book Pursuing Holiness in Today’s World by the National Catholic Register’s award-winning editorialist Angelo Stagnaro. The book has been granted the Nihil Obstat and Imprimatur by the Diocese of Brooklyn. Pursuing Holiness in Today’s World addresses the nature of good and evil, the nature of goodness and humility, and how to become holy in our present times. It includes sections on the relationship between love, life and logic, and the foundations of Christianity. An in-depth look is taken at why pain and suffering exist, what sins are and are not, temptations and how to avoid them, as well as the nature of indulgences and how to gain them. A chapter is devoted to the art and science of making a good confession, with different and thorough examinations of conscience based on the Ten Commandments and the Beatitudes. Pursuing Holiness in Today’s World is available in paperback and ebook edition from Amazon, directly from the publishers, and from major bookstores. It can also be found at the Vatican libraries.


“One chapter tremendously useful in this book is The Art and Science of a Good Confession. The great truth of our Faith is that we can be completely forgiven if we make a good confession. Preparing for confession is essential for spiritual growth and health, and the exercises provided here, along with the encouragement to trust in God’s forgiveness, is a sign that God’s mercy is an essential part of the message” Maria McFadden Maffucci, Editor, Human Life Review.


Angelo Stagnaro is an award-winning journalist with the UN, newspapers and international wire services in the United States of America (US), Europe and Australia. He is the Catholic News Service’s chief correspondent in New York City, the principal liaison for the Holy See, and an editorialist for the National Catholic Register. His major articles have appeared in the Washington Post, Catholic Herald, National Catholic Reporter, America Magazine, and The Tablet among others. Stagnaro is the author of several books on Catholic spirituality including How to Pray the Dominican Way, The Pro-Life Apologetics Manual, The Christian Book of the Dead, and The Catechist’s Magic Kit. A professional stage mentalist and one of the world’s experts on cold reading, he is also the author of eight seminal works on stage magic and cold reading that have been translated into multiple languages. Stagnaro graduated from SUNY-Albany and Kansai Gaikokugo Daigaku with specializations in the Ethnology of Religion, Comparative Asian Religions and Physical Anthropology. He also pursued theological studies at the University of Notre Dame. Stagnaro is a professed member of the Secular Franciscans and has served as RCIA catechist in New York and Singapore.

Originally published at on October 9, 2017.