The Catholic Bloggers Network and the Catholic Writers Society: Shills for Trump & Co.?

We have been posting our Catholic articles for years to the Catholic Bloggers Network and the Catholic Writers Society. Never had we encountered any issues — until yesterday.

Imagine our surprise when we received a ‘note’ declaring that one of the Catholic articles we posted was removed from both groups and would be deleted again if we re-posted it. This despite the article in question having been written by a Catholic author in good standing, who has been trained in Catholic Social Doctrine (CSD) by The Catholic University of America — the university of the Bishops of the United States, and who is publicly questioning the current situation in America from the standpoint of CSD and the teachings of the Catholic Church.

Since we never had any prior issues with both groups and it was this sole post considered at stake, we herewith present the ‘offending’ article to you once again, for you to read and decide:

The new American alt-right / A presidency of hatred?

On our part, given the sudden censorship by both groups, presumably subsequent to reports by right-wing snowflakes incapable of tolerating difference of critical thought and speech — a First Amendment right guaranteed by federal law and the US Constitution, we can only conclude that both the Catholic Bloggers Network and the Catholic Writers Society are Catholic in name only, make a pretense of their purported neutrality, and are de facto nothing more than shills for Trump & Co.