Chloe Profile

Chloe Giovanelli is one in a million.

Actually, statistically speaking, she’s 193.5 out of 100,000, and to break it down even further, she’s 1 out of 3 and then she’s just one. 193.5 per 100,000 births in the year 1999 were triplets, Chloe, 16, is of course 1 out of 3 in the triplet set, and finally Chloe is one sister with two brothers.

With the odds against her, literally 2 to 1, Chloe took part in various sports such as soccer, softball and lacrosse when she was young, until she found her own niche, dancing, that separated her from her two brothers, Robert and Freddy Giovanelli, both 16.

While Chloe and her fellow triplets may share a birthday, they do not share the same personality, the same interest in activities or even the same group of friends.

“It surprised my mom how girly I am,” said Chloe while describing her life as a now-competitive dancer.

While her brothers dedicate their spare time to baseball, Chloe spends her time on stage putting blood, sweat and tears into all her performances. Giovanelli is looking forward to her eighth and what may be her final year on stage in the upcoming months before she leaves for college.

“We’re a big family and the director is like a second mom to me,” said Giovanelli of her “home away from home,” dance company.

However, it was not easy for Chloe to initially enjoy dance due to her shyness, a personality trait that she has overcome in the dance aspect of her life, but is still apparent compared to her brothers more outgoing and loud personas.

“The first dance class I ever took I was 3 and at my recital I got up on stage and I did not move, I just stood there and my mom was so angry she wouldn’t take me back,” said Giovanelli.

Thankfully, Chloe kept going back and kept going back until finally she actually convinced herself to actually do the dance once on stage. She even soon became a leader in her classes.

“There were times when the teacher would ask me to sit out because she wanted the other girls to learn the dance without having to watch me,” said Chloe while reflecting on the path that led her to become the intense dancer she enjoys being today.

While Chloe has a lot to look forward to in the upcoming year, being a senior both in school and in dance, she will have a lot on her plate. College decisions and figuring out whether or not she will be continuing her dance career are choices that must be made.

However, despite all their differences, Chloe and her brothers will be side by side, like they’ve always been, going through it all together.