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Hope Thornton
2 min readDec 7, 2023

Cutting-edge Site Full Site Editing Theme 2023 Beta Release

Project Coordinator and Website Developer

Reflecting on the New Media Capstone journey, our team truly aimed not just to make things work but to make them work better. As the project coordinator and website developer, I had the privilege of leading the transformation of the Capstone program’s website, a fundamental hub for deadlines and expectations, into a modernized platform.

The Challenge
The Capstone program, despite its impressive track record, faced a challenge with its outdated website. The need for visual aesthetics, improved navigation ease, and enhanced user-friendliness were apparent, as highlighted by our findings from interviews and surveys. The goal was clear: revolutionize the old workbook and bring it into the modern era.

Gathering insights paved the way for our design decisions. Our team’s collective efforts resulted in a comprehensive overhaul of the website using a full site editing theme that had recently come out of beta. Our changes aimed to increase overall satisfaction by 20%, addressing key aspects such as visual aesthetics, navigation ease, and user-friendliness.

Notable Features

Smart Calendar: Recognizing the challenges faced by multifaceted students like our model Capstone student, we introduced a Smart Calendar. This foundational feature provides a visual representation of assignment deadlines, offering the option to seamlessly integrate them into personal Google Calendars.

Light and Dark Mode: Acknowledging the diverse preferences of our users, we implemented a night mode feature. This not only adds a fun touch but also enables late-night work without straining the eyes.

Table of Contents: Catering to users always on the go, we implemented a drop-down Table of Contents for a smoother and faster navigation experience. No more searching; just a click away from specific content.

The excitement within the Capstone program is palpable, knowing that our work will not only benefit the current class but also resonate across seven other New Media classes. The specialized frameworks we’ve created are poised to adapt digital workbooks for a more tech-savvy and innovation-driven future.

Our proudest achievement lies in the complete transformation of the website using a cutting-edge full-site editing theme. Delving into unfamiliar territory, we conquered challenges and are thrilled that our work will leave a lasting impact on the Capstone program and set a framework for the next decade.

Technical Details
In my role as the project coordinator and website developer, I played a pivotal role in utilizing custom CSS for the website. Our team successfully transformed the website using a full site editing theme, navigating uncharted waters and setting the stage for a more dynamic and user-friendly Capstone experience.

Hope and the Capstone team