Depression Symptoms in Men: How to overcome them?

Even though women are twice as likely to develop depression as men are, men are less likely to seek treatment and, therefore, are also more likely to successfully commit suicide. That’s why it’s important to recognize depression in men, specifically, depression symptoms in men. These symptoms include:

Inability to concentrate and work productivity declines
Feeling helpless and hopeless
More irritable than usual, more aggressive and short-tempered
Feeling restless and agitated
Inability to control negative thoughts
Both sleep schedule and appetite changes
Greater consumption of alcohol, reckless behavior, self medicating via sex, TV, or sports
A loss of interest in activities previously enjoyed

Triggers for Depression in Men
Continual money problems
A chronic illness or other health issue
Death of a loved one
Debilitating stress at home, work, or school
Loss of a job
Relationship problems with partner or spouse
Quitting smoking
Family obligations including taking care of spouse, parents, or children

Help for Men with Depression

Connect with an old friend. Even if you’ve isolated yourself from your friends, reach out and re-connect. 
Join a depression support group. Support groups help people feel less alone, and depression can be very isolating.
Take time out to volunteer. Helping others is one of the tried and true ways to feel good about yourself.
Go out with a friend — the ballpark, a movie, concert, anywhere you feel comfortable.
If you’re invited to a party or to a gathering — GO — even if you don’t want to it will help you feel better and less lonely and isolated.
Take the dog for a walk — you will meet people along the way, it’s good exercise, and pets provide their own form of therapy. is an online, award-winning magazine that is dedicated to helping those with anxiety and depression. If you’re interested in learning more about depression symptoms in men or depression in men in general, such as treatment, triggers, etc., visit today.

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