From “Brand Ambassador” to Bottle Girl

My first post received one view. Thank you mysterious stranger for reading, and to those who may be reading this one.

I think it’s interesting how I became a Bottle Girl. First, I was a “brand ambassador”. At least in the city I’m in, there’s a “casting call” for wanna be actresses who are then culled into “cute” and “not cute”. The cute girls aged 21–35 are hired and paid to go to bars around town in groups of 2–6 and when men ask them what they’re drinking to say a particular drink to build awareness of that brand.

It varied from beers, established old school brands and newly launched high end liquors. We could do mixed drinks with the hard stuff, but we always had to order specifically the brand that we were paid to support (kinda bitchy… but that was the gig). We were relived when it was a beer night, easier to not get wasted.

I was surprised how hit and miss the expensive stuff was. Maybe it was the mixed drinks but I felt like the more expensive ones were similar “quality”. Some I liked, some I didn’t, there wasn’t a consistent “wow” to expensive stuff.

When I started I was making $100 dollars cash (off the books natch) a night and of course the drinks were free, but it was primarily Friday’s and Saturday’s and from 10pm to ~2am. Ubers to and from were included which was nice, but no allowance for clothes or as I liked to call them Slutwear. The smells of the clubs would just be impossible to get out of the cheaper stuff after a while.

It was fun the first month or two (we were always waived in by the doormen), but then it got BORING. You were supposed to get as many guys to buy you drinks as possible and some of the girls you were paired with were managers or whatever and would scold you and threaten to drop you if you didn’t keep up the banter and flow with new guys all night. There was no way we could drink that many drinks and many were just left as we mingled around the club. I felt bad for the guys dropping $20 bucks a drink and had no shot, although there was definitely an ahole or twelve. The lead girl had to pepper spray one guy who got way to handsy. The bouncers may have broke his arm as they got him out of there.

Eventually the manager from the original casting called me and said he had a special gig for me, that I was just the “type” they were looking for. I asked him what type was that? He just chuckled and told me that if I got the gig I had to kick him 20% every month forever. He gave me the contact of the manager of the club I had been at last week, they must of known we were hired to work the place. Let’s just say that club was BUSY and I was interested to see what it might lead too.

When I eventually told Candice she was very very jealous, she thinks she’s prettier than me, and to some guys she is, but I have that girl next door look I guess. Anyway when she found out I wasn’t doing the brand ambassador thing she quit once she hooked up with Dan (again no real names). He was pretty loaded for a 24 year old and paid for her going out and I think the rent a couple of times.

Whoops, sidetracked. Anyway I’ll talk about the first time I met the manager of the club next time. He’s a real piece of work.

*Photo shows the kind of slutwear we’d wear. Photo by



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