Hillary or Bernie? How I Decided
Rena Pacheco-Theard

I’ve noticed that a lot of Hillary supporters speak like she does, which is to say that I hear a whole lot of “I” and not so much “We” as in “We the People”… Guess that’s why I’m a Bernie backer and will only vote for Senator Sanders no matter what. They talk a lot about her “accomplishments” and I noticed that there’s a lot of talk about how she’s given so much back to the community and about her work in the Children’s Defense League… I’d vote for the HRC who worked at the CDL, but I cannot vote for the HRC who championed fracking around the world or who speaks to groups who can afford to pay the 225k asking price and is afraid to release the transcripts of said speeches, the one who’s done some questionable things with National Security or with the Clinton Foundation or who appears to have lied to the families of the Benghazi victims. All of these can’t be explained away by GOP lies and vitriol. Bernie may not win the nomination, but with his defeat the will come the loss of my name in the Democratic Party ledgers and my faith in the American system of Politics…

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