Donald Trump casually calls out his supporter as his “African American” supporter:

It’s not a lie. The dude is objectively black, so yes that it is a label that gets used for black people because they’re certainly not Asian American or South American American. But it is politically incorrect, because who ever says all that shit?

Because SUBJECTIVITY and nuance, and their existence as THINGS THAT EXIST, are objective truths.

But some people think political correctness doesn’t matter. Some people don’t think objectifying subjective experience matters.

But here’s why it does. Here’s a truth about our world:

People get split into camps.

It’s like some people take the red pill and some people take the blue pill.

It is not always they’re fault. Sometimes they’re born into insensitive families who don’t get it. Sometimes they’re born under a rock.

But there’s still a REAL WORLD with OBJECTIVE TRUTH outside of that rock that co-exists with your subjective variant of the truth. Always. And knowing when to be objective and when to be subjective is the greatest people skill you can ever pick up.

Some people think the dress is black and blue and others see gold and white.

Some think Trump’s (and others like him) simplistic reasoning regarding race, political “in”correctness and objective face value opinions about nearly everything are the way that people should see and think. But others know that all wisdom and HIGHER understanding comes from learning an experiential language and understanding of subtlety and sensitivity to nuance. Like knowing that just because the earth seems flat to us doesn’t necessarily mean it is because there’s always more. Because nuance.

Because the existence of nuance and all of its perils is an objective truth.

The people that resonate with Trump’s style of thinking are BASIC BITCHES. They seem unable to read between lines, they seem unable to think beyond what they see right in front of them. The sky looks blue to them so clearly there’s no climate issues. Screw all the massively genius tools we’ve built that we rely on to predict the weather but won’t pay attention to when those tools tell us the WEATHER IS GETTING IRREVERSIBLY RAPED IN THE ASS WITH ALL THESE BIG DONKEY HARMFUL POLLUTANT DICKS.

And the Trumpton’s certainly don’t understand the power of sensitivity and graceful interpretation of the complexities and humanities of our world. Or if they do they do NOT show it. Or they just think “eat fuck fight go to war sleep, what else is there to be concerned about?”

So why, again, is it so darn whince-worthy that Grump Dump Trump called his supporter African-’Merican? Why is that even politically incorrect? Why does political correctness matter?

Well let’s be clear about one thing. You CAN be politically incorrect. You can be anything you want. You can be a princess with a 12 inch African-American dick, even if they try to keep you out of the restroom. And you can pee with that dick, legally or illegally, then spend eight hours packing it away before you go to the ball at midnight.

But if you’re politically incorrect you can’t complain about people calling you out. I mean, you can complain. But simple language and calling a spade a spade has implications because SPADES DON’T LIKE TO BE CALLED SPADES SOMETIMES, and SPADES ARE MORE THAN SPADES, and because we have a wide vocabulary so that we can use better phrases, because that supporter of yours doesn’t exactly count because he didn’t even confirm he was voting for you, because AMERICANS ARE BETTER WHEN THEY ARE AMERICANS INSTEAD OF AFRICAN AMERICAN OR CAUCASIAN AMERICAN, and when you phrase things in a tacky way you add or deny certain contextual entitlements to that person, and that reveals you as the worst kind of simpleton, and that diminishes the power of your statement because instead of even caring about what you’re saying, some people are gonna focus on that fact you’re a fat shit turd stuffed into a suit who makes faces that look like he’s eating a pie made out of his own leftover shit and trying to convince everyone that it tastes great, meanwhile knowing good and well that shit taste is gonna stick around in your mouth for at least a week after your little political stunt.

But this is not really about you or trying to change you Mr. Trump. It’s just about trying to point out that everything happens for a reason, and that while the phrase “African-American” isn’t the worst thing in the world, it’s still stupid and racist and label-it’s enough for you to catch some labels of your own you piece of anti-fungal die off shit. Like, now that’s objectivism. You are one of the last remaining pieces of fungus of a fungal overgrowth that has plagued this country since its inception and you are the die off side effect. So we’ll flush you soon.

But back to the point. About nuance.

In your simpleton rants, you might not have exercised the depth to catch all that nuance before you opened your mouth.

Some people find straight shooters sexy, but it is NOT SEXY when you shoot so straight that you actually misidentify what your subject IS because a great deal of your audience speaks a language that takes more complexity and cultural sensitivity into account, and your simple words fail to markedly capture the full essence of what is being discussed.

You speech is akin to responding to paragraphs with bullet points for the sake of brevity and unarguable statements of verbal brute force, and then you cross them out when you’re wrong and your simpletons just tag along.

The people that ate one of the red and blue pills (the right one) see why political incorrectness is disastrous. It’s a low quality way of speaking because it causes more damage than it does good. Politically incorrect speech destroys whatever it sought to accomplish because, *metaphorically*, it uses *verbal TNT* as the bricks at the base of its logic. Who, but a GOD DAMNED SENSATIONALIST ( 🙃 ) would use explosive language to build the foundation of his rhetoric, you shit turd ? ( 🙂 )

Phrases like “AFRICAN-AMERICAN” are #verbalTNT because they are much heavier than their existence as a simple adjective. But this is even more so true when coming out of the mouth of a fat white turd named Grubkth who goes by the name of Donald Trump.

Phrases like “AFRICAN-AMERICAN” DO describe something. For example: that man in the corner with a “Straight Outta Brooklyn” hat whose skin is dark brown and whose lips are sexy AF is most likely “AFRICAN-AMERICAN”. And maybe that’s full of stereotypes!

That's very politically incorrect of me to even make that kind of description in a rant against political incorrectness. But the point is, in your speech at your rally, you wouldn’t describe that guy that way. (Actually, YOU might Mr. Donald Stunt).

But if my BK guy was one of your supporters, you’re theoretically not going to go “my supporter over there in the ‘Straight Outta Brooklyn’ hat whose skin is dark brown” because it sounds like some shit you need to wash out of your mouth. As does the phrase “AFRICAN-AMERICAN”.

You’re a nigger Mr. Trump. Why? Apparently because that’s what I called you and along your lines of reasoning, power lies in the mouth of the nomenclator.

Is me calling you a nig

Well I guess some of those are even more politically correct than others right?

So think about it.

We as a people, at least those of us who grew into more evolved people in the last 10–15 years, don’t say “AFRICAN-AMERICAN” anymore. For several reasons.

1: it sounds like something your fucking grandma would say. It’s the most basic interpretation of the world, and even worse, it actually IS used by people TRYING to be politically correct, but they’re so out of touch with the pulse of political correctness these days that their poor souls don’t even realize “AFRICAN-AMERICAN” is out of date

3: it’s TOO MUCH. Just say black. It’s bad enough we even need those descriptors but we do need descriptors. But you can just say black. AFRICAN-AMERICAN conjures up all these heavy images of strong black women having to like carry surviving slaves in one hand and printing presses in another up a mountain on the way to go vote or something. It’s laden with too much STRUGGLE and HEAVINESS. It’s just not necessary. Give black people the decency of as much deft brevity, lightness and casualness when describing them that you would give your own. Chill the fuck out. The less fanfare around creating a label the better, because the closer you can get to a non-label is the closer you can get to GODLINESS.

Or don’t, especially since I just called you a cracker bigger which may or may not have offended you (it shouldn’t at this point) and so continue to speak as loosely as you like, in which case you’ll cause yourself more problems. But you probably enjoy problems because it gives you something to do and you are so adept at worming your way out, so not to worry.

3: your grandma is RACIST

4: racist people (and this doesn’t even mean people who hate black people, it simply means people who are constantly aware of and threatened by/sensitive to others’ ethnic differences to the point of being utterly unable to see any sort of camaraderie with them) tend to use phrases like “AFRICAN-AMERICAN” because they are so inexperienced with people of another race that they label them with the label found in textbooks/history books/sociology books/ethnicity checkboxes on foms created by Hitler and eugenics nuts, which further lets us know that “WOAH, YOU PROBABLY AIN’T BEEN AROUND NO BLACK PEOPLE, AND DEFINITELY HAVENT HAD THE PLEASURE OF DEVELOPING A FELLOWSHIP WITH ANY, BECAUSE LET ME TELL YOU, THEY ARE NOT AFRICAN AMERICAN EVEN IF THAT’S WHAT THE UNITED STATES KEEPS TRYING TO CALL THEM, THEY ARE HUMAN AND THEY ARE SEXY AF YOU JUST DON’T EVEN KNOW HOW TO BEGIN TO SEE IT. EXCEPT BEN CARSON IS NOT SEXY AT ALL.”

5. White people are to the term “Caucasian Americans” as Black people are to the term __________________ and so just NO.

6. Your grandpa is racist and shat himself to the grave. And there was shit in his pants, ALWAYS.

So we, the evolved of us, know using simple descriptive terms without understanding the nuance is simply not hip enough to be effective, because when you use TNT to build your sentences your sentences become self-destructive kamikazes that shoot themselves in the foot, YOU ORANGE HAIRED IDIOT. You’re not a redhead. Your hair is ORANGE.

The world IS more complex and humanity IS more precious and nuanced than Baby Trump and many of his supporters seems to think. That’s a TRUTH, not an opinion.

That dress WAS black and blue, not white and gold. People called it white and gold and were blown away that there was nuance, #becauseNUANCE. There was another reality, and it happened to be the objective one; they just didn’t have the same tools (some weird brain meets retina shit) to decipher the correct perception.

You do NOT want to be the people that are seeing the mirage covering the truth. You do NOT want to be the people that hear stupid words and don’t question the nuance or lack thereof. You do NOT want this simpleton leading the country. Yes he can talk a lot, but half of it is brainwashing rhetoric and the rest is literally like a toddler naming everything he sees just because somebody clapped the first time he let some words drool out of his mouth. Not good stuff. You need a fucking bib Donald. Clean yourself up.

The dress is STILL black and blue, and if you’re still seeing white and gold you need to find somebody that will slap you in the face until you wake up AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.

Trump is full of shit and you should pay me $75.99 to slap you in the face live on stage at the Box in NYC if you still can’t figure that out. If he’s hoodwinked you, it’s because he’s played to your fears. He RAPED YOUR MIND if you are supporting him right now, so you can send 75.99 to my PayPal account so I can un-rape your mind live on stage in between two very highly rated sexual freak shows so I can get featured in MoMa.

Unless of course you were already one of the ones that sees the world in that fucked up way you love to see it in, then Trump still used you but you were already where he wanted you. You were the easy ones.

He figured out what you wanted to hear, put it in some simple terms to make sure you heard it, and left out the small print about how hecouldveryeasilydestroyourcountryandallofyourdreamsifyoujustvotehimintoofficeanddoesn’treallycarewhatyouwantorfearhe’sjustinitfortheridetothewhitehouseorwhateverhecangetandmaybealittlepowerandcontrol

But most politicians come with small print anyway, to be fair.

So wait let’s give him credit: he’s not actually a simpleton, he just knows how to phrase things simpletons want to hear via simple statements that have no complexity, to get what he wants.

TRUMP Supporters: he’ll USE you.

Donald Trump is a trickster; a con artist. He has the power to trick you if you don’t see it coming. That is an OBJECTIVE FUCKING TRUTH.

Don’t give him that kind of power over you.

Having a supporter that needs to be called “my AFRICAN-AMERICAN supporter” instead of just “my supporter” is a red flag.

One day you’ll be his “poor supporter” instead of just his supporter. Then what’ll he do to you.

Wake up. Except most of you are already too far gone…

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