Hopper Now Offers Price Monitoring and Private Rates for Hotels Across the Globe

Over 270,000 Hotels Now Available to Book in the App Worldwide

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Every traveler knows that flight prices can fluctuate drastically in the months leading up to departure. At Hopper, we’re proud to have earned nearly perfect reviews for predicting future flight prices with 95% recommendation accuracy up to a year in advance. What many travelers don’t know, however, is that hotel prices can fluctuate just as much as flight prices. Over a year ago, we rolled out the first-ever price prediction feature for hotels in one beta market — New York. Since then, we’ve amassed millions of historic hotel prices along with real-time pricing and demand data in order to accurately forecast prices for hotels across the globe.

Today, we’re excited to share that over 270,000 hotels in over 200 countries and territories across 1,600 major cities are now available to book directly in Hopper. There are now more choices than ever with the most popular destinations boasting an average of 1,000 hotels and top US destinations offering more than 350 hotels. To help you narrow down your search, we’ve also released a number of features. The new search function allows you to enter a city, neighborhood, or even points of interest. You can also apply filters such as neighborhoods, rating, price, and amenities.

Booking at the right time can save travelers on average $61/night off of peak prices. Therefore, the key to saving money on your trip is to monitor hotel prices 24/7 in order to receive notifications from Hopper about price drops and private rates. Most consumers miss out on great deals because they only spot check prices about a month before their trip or wait to shop until the last minute, when oftentimes, the best deals can be found 2–3 months in advance. You can now “watch a hotel” and Hopper will forecast and track the prices of the specific hotels you’re interested in so you never have to comparison shop again.

Unlike with airlines, travelers can sometimes secure discounted, private hotel rates that aren’t available or easily accessible on the web, such as rates that are only available if you call directly or are in a certain geographic area. These private rates fall into many categories — package rates, member rates, geo-fenced rates, closed user group rates, and pre-purchased inventory blocks — just to name a few. It’s hard to know what you’re eligible for and where to even find them if you are. If you watch a hotel, Hopper will do the work for you and will continuously monitor both public rates and any private rates for which you are eligible and explore every channel to secure you a deal that can be around $50 cheaper than prices online. You’ll receive a push notification the instant prices drop or if Hopper secures you a private deal. You can book directly in the app with a few swipes and a tap so you don’t miss a deal.

As you engage with the hotel feature, Hopper will learn your preferences and serve you personalized recommendations about the perfect hotel for you. Do you only stay at 4 and 5 star hotels? Do you always book hotels with pools? At the very core, Hopper’s recommendation engine will learn your preferences in the context of a number of factors related to the way you and others travel, and then make recommendations just in the same way that a travel agent may have made them to you in the past (but smarter and faster). The more you engage with the hotels feature (on average, Hopper users return to the app every 3–4 days when planning a trip), the more accurate Hopper’s recommendations will be. Today, 25% of Hopper’s bookings are the result of AI, meaning users are booking trips they didn’t explicitly search for but the app knew to suggest. By extending our recommendation engine to hotels, our goal is to eventually be able to predict the perfect hotel for you before you even begin searching.

All 270,000 hotels are available to book on Hopper for iOS today. We’ll be rolling out updates for Android in the following weeks.

Hopper uses big data to predict when you should book your flights & hotels. We’ll instantly notify you when prices drop so you can book travel fast in the app.

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